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Comics Are Awesome: Part 11 of ∞

Were this made today, the invaders would be defeated by global warming.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 10 of ∞

As ludicrous and impossible as this is, it does instill within me the Need to Know. So does anyone know?

I’ll post real content one of these days, I swear.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 9 of ∞

Best episode of Boston Legal ever.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 8 of ∞

Batman’s dialogue here feels like a tongue-in-cheek summarization of this entire Bat-era.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 7 of ∞

Invisible robots. ‘Nuff said.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 6 of ∞

This will happen one day, mark my words. It’ll be all tea and crumpets first, and then… bam! Planet of the Apes.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 5 of ∞

Sadly, those old Timely/Atlas/Marvel covers just aren’t as mind-bogglingly wacky as the DC ones. I like this one, though, if only for the caption box: “It was more than just a head!” Also, the need to put “Strange Tales” on the cover three times.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 4 of ∞

I’m pretty sure there’s a Far Side strip exactly like this.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 3 of ∞

A full story for the weekend: “The Seven Faces of Congorilla!”

I always knew Congorilla was a lying, thieving bastard.

Click here to read the whole thing, courtesy of “mysteryfangirl” at Scans Daily.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 2 of ∞

“Comics Are Awesome” will be a regular feature until it stops being funny to me.


This is what I see in my nightmares.

Comics Are Awesome: Part 1 of ∞

(click for bigness)

It’s the “or the Earth is doomed!” that really sells it for me.


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