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Answers to the contest!

All right, comic nerds everywhere, it’s time to answer the questions from my contest.  I got 12 entries, which seems to be about the norm for my contests.  Maybe someday I’ll have 12 prizes, and then everyone will win! Continue Reading »

Contest time!

You know, it’s been a while since I gave away comics, so that means it’s time for another contest.  But no panels this time!  No, something far more evil lurks below the fold … Continue Reading »

Name The 1969 Marvel Bullpen Game!

Okay, layne is doing a neat site where he looks at old Marvel Bullpen Bulletins.

One such Bullpen Bulletin, from 1969, was a gallery of members of Marvel’s famed “Bullpen.” So it struck me as a good game for you all to play (and no looking at his blog for the answers!).

I will list (alphabetically) 16 of the writers/artists/editors, and you simply have to tell me which letter (each one corresponding to the picture of a different writer/artist/editor) matches which writer/artist/editor!

1. Neal Adams
2. John Buscema
3. Gene Colan
4. Johnny Craig
5. Bill Everett
6. Gary Friedrich
7. Don Heck
8. Gil Kane
9. Tom Palmer
10. John Romita
11. John Severin
12. Joe Sinnott
13. Jim Steranko
14. Roy Thomas
15. Herb Trimpe
16. John Verpoorten

Good luck! Continue Reading »

Heroes Contest Could Be Good

I remember when they first went up, but I totally forgot that they were still doing them, even when the show is on summer break, so check out the Heroes comic series at NBC’s website here.

Meanwhile, NBC is also having a neat-sounding contest for wannabe comic artists, in their own version of the classic Marvel Try-Out Book. Here you will find a contest where you can draw a Heroes comic based on a three-page script given to you. The best artists will have their work shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. That is pretty darn cool. The contest ends July 18th.

Ghost Rider Movie Contest Winners!

What I did was to use a random number generator from 1-58, with the winners being the folks whose comment matched the numbers that were generated. Amusingly enough, the very first number matched a comment I made!! Of course, that didn’t count, so here are the four winners!

I need contact e-mails from the following four people:

Commenter #10 coke & comics

Commenter #7 Michael

Commenter #33 Jeremy Nguyen

and, finally, Commenter #57 Matt Liparota

Congrats to the winners!

I figure I’ll give until….let’s say, Thursday at 5pm EST for you folks to send me contact info (cronb01@aol.com), and if I don’t hear from you, I’ll pick the next person in line.

A Ghost Rider Movie Contest!!

You (yes, YOU!) can win tickets to a pre-screening of the new Ghost Rider film!

Simply reply to this thread with the phrase, “Count me in” and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win tickets to the movie.

Meanwhile, if you’re jonesing for a Ghost Rider fix, here is a link to a game you can play.

The deadline to enter will be…let’s say…..February 6th at 5pm EST!

Let’s check out the answers to the panels contest, shall we?

It’s Wednesday, and it’s time to check out the answers to my contest and anoint some winners.  Yes, I wanted to have this post up by Monday.  But I wanted to alert the winners first, so they had to get back to me.  So without further ago, let’s hit the bricks! Continue Reading »

I have stuff that you can win!

It’s contest time again!  As you know, sometimes I get free swag from people, and I’m very appreciative for it, because often it’s stuff I missed, so it’s cool to have.  Then, sometimes, I get stuff I already own, but that’s cool too, because then I can give it away!  So just like last year, I’m having a contest in the same format as the last one.  That was difficult … this is more difficult!  Because that’s how I roll! Continue Reading »

World’s Greatest Artist Identification Game!

Yes, it’s that time again! An artist identification game to make up for me falling behind at Snark Free Waters! This time, I am posting pages from Erik Larsen’s Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Magazine and asking you to tell me which artist drew the page in question! As it is pretty hard (the artists are all trying to draw just like Jack Kirby), I even give a list of possible artists (no artist repeats)! Read on to find links to each page! Good luck, and have fun! Continue Reading »

Name That Iron Man Artist II Answers Up Tomorrow!

It’s your last chance to make your guesses for the Name That Iron Man Artist II! The answers will go up tomorro at Snark Free Waters. What follows are the links to panels by Iron Man artists from the end of David Michelinie and Bob Layton’s first run (#159) until the end of John Byrne’s run (about #279). Here is a link to the artists from the first game – none of those artists appear among the fifteen artists in the new game. Read on to see the links to each panel! Continue Reading »

Comics Should Be Good’s SDCC Representative!

The Mysterious Panel of Five decided, and, with a score of 3-1-1, the winner is Dan Apodaca! Stonegold was a VERY close second among two of the voters who picked another entry.

So, well, congrats, Dan!

Everyone, look forward to seeing entries from Dan next week!

“Represent ‘Comics Should Be Good’ At SDCC” Contest!

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, there will not be a member of the Comics Should Be Good crew in attendance. Therefore, we figure it’d be cool if someone ELSE could represent us at the convention and write up a series of reports detailing his/her experiences at SDCC. Sound cool? In addition, we can provide you with a free pass to the convention, which is a pretty sweet deal, I think, if you were planning on going to SDCC.

To be fair, we figure it’d be coolest to decide who shall be our representative (and receive the free pass) via a fun contest. Read on for details! Continue Reading »

Exiles #83 Numbers Game!

In Exiles #83, writer Tony Bedard has the group return the bodies of the former members of the Exiles who passed away on their mission. Each alternate Earth they return the members to is numbered, and each number presumably has some meaning. So, dear reader, how about you guess what the meaning is behind each number!! Continue Reading »

In which Greg gives answers and tries to put it all behind him

I was going to post a nice rant, because my LJ friend posted something else in response to my comics quiz, but I just don’t have the energy.  I won’t link to his posts, but if you go to Technorati and find the links to this blog, you’re sure to come across it.  I don’t care if he likes my reviews or not, but I wish he hadn’t called me a “snorting retard.”  As a father of a brain-damaged child, that kind of pisses me off.  This is what I mean by not making it personal.  Who cares if I don’t know what a Purple Death Ray is?  Who cares if he does?  Calling me a retard just nullifies anything else you might say. Continue Reading »


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