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Bad comics vs. HILARIOUSLY bad comics

Bad comics come and go and are usually forgotten by the next week, because there’s another bad comic or two coming out soon enough. HILARIOUSLY bad comics, however, like a certain comic featuring Oliver Queen weirdly declaring his undying love for a guy who once destroyed the universe and then blamed an giant bug for it, are classic, because they inspire … Photoshopping!

First, there’s Douglas Wolk’s excellent Promethea homage. Next, Caleb realizes that if Hal is quoting Glenn Danzig, the book makes a lot more sense. Finally, Cheryl Lynn gives us a certain Man of Steel figuratively bitch-slapping every Leaguer. Because he’s, you know, Superman. (Thanks to Tim for pointing out the last one, or I might have missed it.)

More from the comments: The Mutt couldn’t resist pointing out how hard it is keeping track of who’s wearing what costume these days, while Mxy goes ahead and makes the faux title official. Thanks, guys!

Have you seen any others, good readers, as you peruse the web which spans the wide world? Let me know – I’ll edit them in!

Crossing the Proton Streams, Kirby-Style

Okay, now imagine if Jack Kirby was one proton stream.

Got it?

Now, imagine that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ANOTHER proton stream.


Well, here’s what happens when you cross them… Continue Reading »

Cool Comic Thing – New York Magazine’s Comic Excerpts

Check this out! New York Magazine is doing a series of weekly excerpts from a variety of graphic novels!

Isn’t that a really neat idea?

This week’s excerpt (linked above) is Doug Tennapel’s Black Cherry.

Here is an archive of past excerpts.


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