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3/4 – Curious Cat Asks…

Do you think “Batman R.I.P.” will basically be the same thing as “The Death of Clark Kent”?


2/26 – Curious Cat Asks…

Do you think Deathstroke will be in the new Batman movie?


2/22 – Curious Cat Asks…

If only one Green Lantern could be on the Justice League, which one would you pick?


2/11 – Curious Cat Asks…

How long (if ever) do you think it will be before Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor are pals again?


2/2 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who was the best replacement hero (not counting legacy heroes, like Wally West or heroes like Green Lantern where there are multiple heroes with the same name)? Bucky Barnes as Cap? James Rhodes as Iron Man? Eric Masterson as Thor? Jean-Paul Valley as Batman? Artemis as Wonder Woman? Ben Reilly as Spider-Man?


1/26 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who was the best regular Avengers artist? Perez? Buscema? Someone else?


1/20 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who created the current Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)? Was it Giffen and Rogers? Or were they given the character after it had already been created?


1/16 – Curious Cat Asks…

Did you like Wakanda better before Reggie Hudlin began writing Black Panther or after? And please don’t just do a kneejerk “Rar! Me hate Hudlin! He am bad! Whatever response means saying Hudlin is bad is right!” response – think about specifically his his take on Wakanda, and compare it to previous takes on Wakanda – and if you DO think previous takes are better, whose take on Wakanda did you like best? Christopher Priest’s? Or before Priest?


1/8 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which regular Justice League artist has been your favorite during the book’s history? Mike Sekowsky? Dick Dillin? George Perez? Kevin Maguire? Ty Templeton? Adam Hughes? Dan Jurgens? Bryan Hitch? Doug Mahnke? Ron Garney? Someone else?


12/26 – Curious Cat Asks…

If all you knew about two comic writers was that one of the two was a longtime comic fan and the other was not much of a comic reader, which one do you think you would more likely prefer? Or do you think being a longtime fan and/or being new to comics does not affect how a person writes comics?


Curious Thanksgiving Cat Asks…

What comic were you most thankful for this past year?


11/17 – Curious Cat Asks…

If a new team of minor superheroes shows up now in a comic book, are you more surprised if they are mostly killed off or are you more surprised if none (heck, if only one) of them die?


11/8 – Curious Cat Asks…

The reveal of the big bad in this week’s Annihilation Conquest was a bit lacking in luster. What do you think was the BEST villain reveal in a comic? Ozymandias? The Thunderbolts? Green Goblin?


11/1 – Curious Cat Asks…

After the “trinity” of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man – who is the most recognizable superhero amongst the general public? Wonder Woman? Robin? Hulk? Wolverine? Captain America? Flash?


10/25 – Curious Cat Asks…

SPOILER WARNING!!! In the latest issue of Thunderbolts, does Robbie Baldwin actually cut himself and blast Doc Samson, or is Doc Samson fantasizing about making a breakthrough with Robbie?



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