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10/20 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which writer has had the best run on the Avengers?


10/08 – Curious Cat Asks…

What is your all-time favorite non-Frank Miller run by a writer on Daredevil?


10/04 – Curious Cat Asks…

What is your all-time favorite Superman comic book story?


9/10 – Curious Cat Asks…

With Jim Shooter returning to Legion of Superheroes, what was the best return of a writer to a book that you can think of? Formerly Known as the Justice League? Waid’s Captain America? Waid’s post-Morrison/Millar run on Flash? Mike Grell’s return to Jon Sable?


9/6 – Curious Cat Asks…

With Howard Chaykin now working pretty regularly as an artist again, what other great artist from the 70s/early 80s would you like to see working on ongoing titles?


8/29 – Curious Cat Asks…

What is your current opinion of the character Tony Stark in the regular Marvel Universe?


8/22 – Curious Cat Asks…

Do you think Frank Miller originally intended “the goddamn Batman” to be a recurring phrase in All Star Batman and Robin, or do you think it was in response to the reaction from readers?


8/15 – Curious Cat Asks…

How do you pronounce Djurdjevic?


8/10 – Curious Cat Asks…

With Gail Simone’s run on Birds of Prey now over, whose run on the title did you like better – Simone’s or Chuck Dixon’s?


8/2 – Curious Cat Asks…

What’s your theory as to how World War Hulk will be resolved (bearing in mind that this is apparently part two of a Hulk trilogy Pak has going)?


7/26 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which TV or film licensed property has resulted in the highest percentage of good comic books?


7/22 – Curious Cat Asks…

Will the animated version of New Frontier be good?


7/15 – Curious Cat Asks…

With “The Man With No Name” now having a comic book coming out from Dynamite Comics, it made me think – who is the most surprising character from a film to be licensed into his/her own comic book series?


7/12 – Curious Cat Asks…

Has there ever been an inter-title crossover with less going on than Endangered Species has been so far?

A one-shot of all-talking, then a first chapter that was…all-talking, then two more parts that were…all-talking. Is this really all we are going to get from this crossover – just lots of talking until Messiah Complex begins as the “real” crossover following this “set-up” crossover?


6/10 – Curious Cat Asks…

So, what do you think will be the dramatic last page reveal in this week’s New Avengers #31? What will be the (according to Marvel) “one revelation that will rock the Marvel Universe at its very core.”? It won’t involve Skrulls, right? Right? Right?!?



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