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Death and sex in comics – John Byrne’s Next Men

Yes, it’s time for another weird stroll through a catalogue of death and sex in comics! IDW recently released the second big volume of Next Men by John Byrne (originally released by Dark Horse in the early 1990s), and it’s time to check out who dies and who gets lucky! Yes, there’s quite a bit of both in Next Men (and I should point out that there’s a scan of someone’s naked butt below the jump, if you care).
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Death and sex in comics – Dark Horse’s Conan series

I was re-reading the trades of Conan recently (as the final trade of the first series, “The Hand of Nergal,” recently showed up), and I thought to myself, “Boy, Conan kills a lot of people in this series. I wonder how many he kills?” I really should stop myself when I start thinking.

I thought, “You know, a lot of people die in comics. I wonder how many?” With that in mind, I thought of a project to track deaths in comics. And, because Conan gets laid quite a bit, why not track sex too? This goes back to Americans’ squeamishness about sex but acceptance of bloody violence I’ve occasionally ranted about here. I’m sure the death in comics far overwhelms the sex, but why not check it out?

With that in mind, I decided to write posts about those two things. This will be an interminable project, I’m sure, because I have a lot of comics. It’s going to be completely random, based on whatever comics I choose to read. This time it’s Conan. The next time it might be, I don’t know, Tiny Titans. Okay, probably not, as I don’t buy that book, but you never know!

Please note that I’m not making any value judgments on this at all. I’m simply cataloguing the number of deaths and the number of times anyone gets laid. Some definitions are in order:
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