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5/21 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Team 13 NEEDS their own comic book.



5/12 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

While there certainly are some (fairly noticeable) drawbacks to the series, Ex Machina is, overall, a good comic book title.


5/4 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Pretty creepy that this is one of the few things from Seven Soldiers that made it into the regular DC Universe continuity.



4/30 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Civil War makes a lot more sense if Civil War: Front Line is simply ignored.


4/16 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

A note to let everyone know that Brian’s “Thoughts on Comic Book Delays” has been moved to later this year to accommodate Brian’s schedule and allow us to continue on with our blog posts. This, quite frankly, allows us to move ahead and get our blog entries coming out regularly with the entries we want to write.


4/14 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

The new hi-res 1 on the right looks awesome.



3/29 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Bruce Wayne is cool. Like James Bond.


3/10 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

It is an outrage that Stilt Man’s death did not make the New York Daily News.


2/24 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

I cannot take Plastic Man seriously unless he is made grim and gritty (taking Plastic Man seriously is very important to me).


2/16 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Goateed Spectre is goofy-looking and lame.


2/10 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

It is fun to imagine that Kurt Busiek was using slang when he said “looks like this story is finding some resonance with brothers out there” regarding the current Astro City storyline about two black siblings.


2/3 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Steve Niles and Andrew Ritchie’s Pieces for Mom was very good. This creepy horror one-shot is well worth a read.


1/7 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Robbie Baldwin being Penance is not a big deal.


12/29 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Frank Quitely is a better comic book cover artist than James Jean.



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