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Dreadstar December — Dreadstar #2

The second issue in and Jim Starlin decides to give us the origin of Willow and, for it’s time, it’s rather shocking.

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Dreadstar December — Dreadstar #1

A month of discussing the first 31 issues of Dreadstar by Jim Starlin begins here. Or, more properly, below the cut.

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Before Dreadstar December: The Metamorphosis Odyssey, The Price, and Dreadstar the Graphic Novel

Dreadstar December officially begins tomorrow, but, before that, I wanted to do a brief post discussing the three major works (and one short story) that came before the ongoing Dreadstar comic series. Let me introduce you to a man by the name of Vanth Dreadstar, who, I have on very good authority is POWER!

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