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The Cover to the Final Crisis Hardcover

It is certainly quite a bit of a spoiler, but otherwise, wow, J.G. Jones does a great job on the cover for the Final Crisis hardcover.

Check it out (courtesy of Wired.com)… Continue Reading »

Final Crisis “Cliffs Notes”

Okay, so I did the Final Crisis FAQ, where I answered everyone who sent in a question about Final Crisis, but I thought it’d be nice to re-format the answers a bit and just give you a sort of “Cliffs Notes” explanation of the parts people professed difficulty understanding, in a chronological look at Final Crisis.

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Final Crisis Resources

Richard Pachter made an excellent point, and honestly, I was planning on doing this BEFORE the FAQ came out, but just plum forgot.

Here are a list of great annotations of Final Crisis, as well as links to Grant Morrison’s Newsarama interviews for Final Crisis (plus his exit interview at Newsarama and IGN).

Douglas Wolk’s Final Crisis Annotations

David Uzumeri’s Final Crisis Annotations

Mindless Ones’ classic “annocommentations”

Timothy Callahan and Chad Nevett’s Final Crisis discussions

Newsarama interviews with Grant Morrison

Interview leading up to Final Crisis

Final Crisis #1

Final Crisis #2

Final Crisis #3

Final Crisis Exit Interview Part 1

Final Crisis Exit Interview Part 2

I have no idea how to link to Dan Didio’s 20 Answers, 1 Question thing he does on Newsarama. Does it have a category I can link to? Not every installment is on point, but a lot of them are.

Over on IGN, Dan Phillips did a great post-Final Crisis interview with Morrison which you can read here

Final Crisis FAQ

Here it is!

I’m responding to the questions in the order that they were asked.

If you would prefer a more stream-lined look at Final Crisis, chronologically from issue to issue, I have a “Cliffs Notes” of sorts here that is a bit more straightforward.

Otherwise, enjoy! Continue Reading »

Making a Final Crisis FAQ

I see that quite a few people have some questions about the events of Final Crisis that they’d like to see answered, so I thought it’d be a nice idea to do a FAQ.

So if you have a question about Final Crisis that you’d like to see answered, ask it in the comments and I will compile a bunch and make a FAQ!

Note: The here comments section is a snark-free zone. Just ask questions about stuff from the comics that confused you/you weren’t sure about.

Final Crisis Review Archive

With the series over, I thought it would be a good idea to give an archive of my reviews for each of the issues of the series (admittedly, I had to write the #4 and the Submit #1 review just now, which was odd – why didn’t I write reviews that day?). In addition, I added a “Final Crisis” category, so you can find almost all the blog entries about Final Crisis via the following category link here.

Okay, here are the reviews:

Final Crisis #1

Final Crisis #2

Final Crisis #3

Final Crisis #4

Final Crisis #5

Final Crisis #6

Final Crisis #7

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2

Final Crisis: Submit #1

Final Crisis: Resist #1

Batman #683


Superman Is Awesome

As evidenced by turning your Final Crisis #7 cover on the side…

Not Exactly Much of a Choice, No?

(Click to enlarge, but why you would want to enlarge the second is beyond me)

In a 50/50 split, can you imagine anyone choosing the second one?

Final Crisis #7 Review

Well then.

I think I’ll coin a new term for this issue – this was a “The Good of the Many Outweighs the Good of the One” comic. In that it was good, but had deficiencies that I think ran directly to the interest of giving the overall story a clear ending, thereby sacrificing some of its own quality in favor of making the whole work read better (of course, that desire was then dashed a bit by DC’s plans for the trade collection). Then again, that’s a common problem for final issues, so comparably, this held up on its own remarkably well (and really did give the whole endeavor a clear and satisfying conclusion). Continue Reading »

What Final Crisis #6 Was Missing…

I think the following would have made some folks happier if DC and Editor Eddie Berganza had had the foresight to include it in Final Crisis #6… Continue Reading »

Superman Beyond #2 Review

Doug Mahnke gives us all a good sign of what we can look forward to next week in the final issue of Final Crisis with some outstanding artwork of what is one of the more straightforward issues of Final Crisis by Grant Morrison (outside, of course, of that ultra straightforward one-shot about Black Lightning and The Tattooed Man). The result is a delightful comic book adventure. Continue Reading »

Final Crisis #6 Review

Well, that final sequence sure whetted everyone’s appetite for a full issue of Doug Mahnke, no?

Another great issue, although the art could certainly be better (and it will be next issue – woohoo!). Continue Reading »

Batman #683 Would Have Been a Good Ending


But I’m certainly pleased that (if the rumors are true) it will not be the ending! Continue Reading »

Final Crisis #5 Review

This issue of Final Crisis brings a bit more of the standard “action-packed” story that one expects from a big company crossover, although even there, Morrison adds a little extra flair. How can you turn down a double-page spread with a group of “still in their right mind” heroes attacking en masse, led by Frankenstein on a motorcycle, and the other heroes following on motorcycles made up of the Metal Men?!

That’s very cool, like this issue. Continue Reading »

Final Crisis: Resist #1 Review

Final Crisis: Resist #1 was a great comic book, especially for those readers who felt that Checkmate ended the moment Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann stopped writing the book (and it became a bad mini-series guest-starring Checkmate), as this was essentially the last issue of Checkmate, and oh boy, it was neat.

Rucka even got me to sort of kind of like the stupid robot OMAC things!!!

So you KNOW it’s good! Continue Reading »


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