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Retro Review: Final Crisis: Submit #1

I can’t believe I only did a quick blurb on this issue when it first came out! – BC

First off, since this came out the same day as Final Crisis #4, rather than a month BEFORE Final Crisis #4, they really should have had something in the book saying “Read this before you read Final Crisis #4,” since this book leads directly into Final Crisis #4 and Final Crisis #4 actually spoils the ending of this comic book.

Ah well, delays, can’t beat ‘em…that’s all I got! ;)

As for this issue, in a clever move, writer Grant Morrison has been “channel surfing” throughout Final Crisis (I’ve been calling it pointillism, where there are a bunch of different points that combine to form one painting, but I can see Morrison’s view of it as surfing through a bunch of channels to give you an idea of the sheer scope of all the information that is available to you at once), so for this one-shot, he picked one “channel” (or “point”) and shows you it fully, thereby signifying “If this one channel is cool, then you can imagine that all the other channels are cool, as well, so that’s how epic this crisis is.” Continue Reading »

Retro Review: Final Crisis #4

I can’t believe I didn’t review this at the time – BC

Final Crisis #4, the return from the break (designed to let it sink in that evil has “won”), shows us a world where evil may have won, but the remaining superheroes continue to soldier on! Hope is not gone yet, and we see the resistance while we also see the last struggles of Dan Turpin against Darkseid. Continue Reading »

Two Morrison Final Crisis Issues in One Day is Quite a Treat!

I really enjoyed seeing the two books together in the same week, as they played off each other beautifully. I’ve said in the past that Morrison seems to be writing Final Crisis as almost Written Pointillism – small distinct powerful scenes designed to create a much fuller overall effect. Well, with Final Crisis:Submit, we see Morrison decide to show us one of those points, only go into great depth of it – giving us the notion that if we examined any ONE of the scenes in Final Crisis #4, we would see a story just like Final Crisis: Submit – poignant and powerful, only there are so many of them that we cannot even comprehend them all, giving the whole thing that much more of an epic scope.

It’s a clever concept, although yeah, it would have been nicer if Submit had filled in the gap where we had no Final Crisis comics at all, instead of this silly “nothing…nothing….nothing….a bunch then another bunch” scheduling.

In any event, all of this is fairly familiar territory – it’s superheroes fighting back after the bad guys win, only it’s all executed almost note perfect (the only exception being that some of the dialogue could really use some work).

In any event, read Submit before you read Final Crisis #4. There probably should have been something to tell you that.

It’s a Shame About J.G.

If only his J.G. Jones’ name was just J, then that pun would have worked a lot better.

ANYhow, as you no doubt have heard screamed from various message boards (that is how angry some folks are, you can actually hear their rage through the internet), J.G. Jones, who already had another artist come in to assist him with Final Crisis, is now so far behind schedule that DC had to get the great, awesomely talented Doug Mahnke to draw the last issue.

Which is a shame (mitigated greatly, of course, by the fact that the back-up is the supremely, amazingly skilled Doug Mahnke).

In any event, I don’t think this is particularly a big deal. Continue Reading »

Superman Beyond #1 Review

Superman Beyond #1, while being a Final Crisis tie-in (and an important one at that) is really more similar to Batman R.I.P. in style, in that with Final Crisis, Morrison appears to be trying to be a bit less opaque with the story, while in RIP and this issue, he does no such thing, and when you throw in some godawful 3-D scenes, the result may be a bit reasonably off-putting.

It is still pretty darn awesome, though. Continue Reading »

Final Crisis #3 Review

The first part of Final Crisis comes to an end, and it does so in a most unconventional manner, as has been the case for the entirety of this series, really. Like the rest of this series, unconventional is tantamount to awesome, as this end of Act I is one of the most effectively foreboding comics I have read in recent memory. Continue Reading »

Final Crisis #2 Review

This was a great follow-up to a great first issue, with one of the coolest endings that you’re gonna see in a superhero comic this year! Continue Reading »

I’d Be Irked, Too…

Again, bear in mind that Countdown only finished last month so Final Crisis was already well underway long before Countdown and although I’ve tried to avoid contradicting much of the twists and turns of that book as I can with the current Final Crisis scripts, the truth is, we were too far down the road of our own book to reflect everything that went on in Countdown, hence the disconnects that online commentators, sadly, seem to find more fascinating than the stories themselves.

– Grant Morrison, at Newsarama about Final Crisis #1

Still, I think Grant Morrison has got to get over the fact that it IS going to be a big deal if his current series directly contradicts the comic that was specifically labeled a countdown TO his current series. It is not his fault, and I would be totally irked if I was in his shoes (and I, obviously, don’t care myself about ignoring Countdown – heck, I think it should be Federal Law), but whether it is is his fault or not, it IS a notable problem.


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