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Thanks for Coming Out for the Fred Van Lente Day Chat!

It was great fun, with some surprising special guests like Ryan Dunlavey, Greg Pak and Steve Lieber. A lot of fascinating discussions. I’ll post the transcript soon.

I hope everyone had a great Fred Van Lente Day!

Fred Van Lente Day: Fred Van Lente Chat!

Fred and I are chatting about comic book history, a sort of team-up between The Comic Book History of Comics and Comic Book Legends Revealed.

Feel free to come join our discussion and ask pertinent questions. We might answer you!

Here is the link to the chatroom.

Fred Van Lente Day Announcement: The Comic Book History of Comics From IDW!

Our major Fred Van Lente Day news of the day is that IDW Publishing will be collecting Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey’s great Comic Book Comics mini-series into a collection called The Comic Book History of Comics!

Read on for a description of the series an exclusive first look at the cover of the collection!

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Fred Van Lente Day: The First Five Pages of Renaissance Chapter 1

Here’s the man himself, Fred Van Lente, letting you know what you need to know about his upcoming project, Renaissance…

RENAISSANCE is among the most challenging and ambitious projects I’ve ever attempted, and I’m happy to be joined by triple-threat artist Sarah Oleksyk (Oni’s “Ivy”) on art chores. It’s a story about the intertwined friendships and rivalries between legends like Machiavelli, Leonard da Vinci, Michelangelo, the Borgias, and, most importantly, Lisa del Giocondo, who will become one of the most famous women in history. It’s also about how one of the most vicious and brutal periods in history could produce some of the most beautiful pieces in the annals of art (with apologies to Harry Lime).

Sarah and I are hip-deep in the middle of this massive epic; she’s got a third inked and is coloring the second chapter now; once we’re about 50% done in mid-2012 we’re going to start posting it for free at http://renaissancethecomic.com/ (now live, but not much there).

But there’s no harm in sharing the first scene of the first chapter, in which we meet our heroine, the woman who will become the Mona Lisa — as well as some other important folks.

RENAISSANCE is copyright (c) 2011 Sarah Oleksyk & Fred Van Lente.

Read on to see the beautiful pages from Van Lente and Oleksyk…

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Happy Fred Van Lente Day!

It’s that special time of year again, that most awesome of holidays, Fred Van Lente Day!

In honor of the occasion, we have some previews of an upcoming Van Lente comic series at 9am (Eastern), a first look at the collection for Comic Book Comics at Noon (Eastern) and at 2:30 PM (Eastern), we’ll even be having a live, online chat with the man himself!

Happy Fred Van Lente Day, everybody!

Fred Van Lente Day Chat Transcript!

As Fred Van Lente Day 2010 comes to a close, we have one last treat for you all! The transcript of this year’s Fred Van Lente Day chat with Mr. Fred Van Lente himself!

In this year’s Fred Van Lente Day chat, we had a very special guest in Fred’s Chaos War co-writer Greg Pak. So read on for a transcript of the chat!

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Fred Van Lente Day Gift: Preview of Comic Book Comics #5

In the now-finished Fred Van Lente chat, Fred shared with us all some preview pages of the upcoming Comic Book Comics #5 by Fred and artist Ryan Dunlavey.

Check it out here.

The book comes out February 6th! Be sure to buy it!

Fred Van Lente Day Chat!

Time for the Fred Van Lente Day chat!

Here is the chat room where YOU can talk with the man, the myth, the legend, Fred Van Lente!

Remember to JOIN the room after you click on the link!

2010 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

Every day until Christmas Eve you can click on the respective day on the Advent Calendar to reveal an installment of a Year of Cool Comics devoted to a Cool Christmas Comic Book! You can also click on all previous days on the calendar. Be sure to stop by every day for a cool Christmas comic book every day until Christmas Eve! Today is Fred Van Lente Day, so guess who wrote today’s featured Christmas tale?

Happy Fred Van Lente Day, Everybody!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year – Fred Van Lente Day!

This year, we’ll have a few special Van Lente Day treats for you, including a chat with Mr. Fred Van Lente himself!

Come back to the front page of the blog at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern to find the link to the chat room where Fred will be gracing us with his presence this year! Last year, Fred told us all some interesting information (including the death of Hercules!!), so who knows what he’ll dish about this year?

Happy Fred Van Lente Day, everybody!!

Exclusive Preview Pages from Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1!

Think of it as an early Van Lente Day present, but Marvel thought all of us Van Lente fans here would appreciate an exclusive first look at some preview pages (sans dialogue) from Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1, by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Reilly Brown.

Check it out (as well as a larger version of the Humberto Ramos cover for #1)!
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And a Partridge With Fred Van Lente!

Thanks so much to Bret Taylor (of Howyadoin Graphics – be sure to check his site out) for the drawing!

That just about does it for Fred Van Lente Day 2009, folks! I hope you had fun!

And most importantly of all, Happy Fred Van Lente Day!!

Two Curdled Loves…

Warning! Some graphic scenes from Fred Van Lente comics lie beneath the fold!

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Four Fawning Blurbs…

Here are four fawning blurbs about Action Philosophers…

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