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Five Golden Panels…

You folks pleaded and prodded, so here, for your “five golden panels,” I will give you the five funniest panels (in the order they appear) from the recent Thor/Hercules fight (with the two heroes pretending to be each other) in Incredible Hercules #136, art by Reilly Brown…

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Six Frequent Van Lente Collaborators…

A cool thing about Fred Van Lente has been the fact that, over the years, he tends to work with a lot of the same artists on more than one project.

Here are six of those artists!

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Seven Hercules Comics By Other Companies…

We all know that Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak write Hercules for Marvel Comics, but did you know that there have been lots of other Hercules comics out there (what with him being, you know, public domain and all) NOT published by Marvel Comics!

Here are seven of them!

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Eight Van Lente Comics You Might Not Have Read…

Here are some comics written by Fred Van Lente that you might not be so familiar with!

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Nine Reasons to Have Been There for the Chat…

By missing out on the Fred Van Lente Day Chat with Fred Van Lente, you missed…

1. Learning who is going to write the upcoming Savage She-Hulk mini-series

2. Finding out what the plans for Carmilla Black are in Fall of the Hulks

3. Fred sharing Halloween pictures of himself as a kid…who did he dress up as?!?!?!

4. Learning who Fred’s favorite Spider-Man supporting character is

5. Discover what Marvel character made an appearance in one of Evil Twin Comics’…uhm…comics

6. Learn how Fred and Greg Pak share the writing duties on Incredible Hercules

7. News on the upcoming Complete Action Philosophers

8. Upcoming Hercules tidbits

and, most of all,

9. You missed Fred sharing a mysterious teaser image that will only appear in the chat itself!

Ten Chatters Chatting…

Well, hopefully at least ten. ;)

Come to the Fred Van Lente chat here and join the chat room!

Twelve Effects A-Sounding…

Original Incredible Hercules Assistant Editor Nathan Cosby did a very nice job preparing the sound effects for Incredible Hercules, and then, well, things got a little crazy.

Here’s one “normal” one, then eleven random amusing ones from throughout the run (inclluding the last one, which is a tribute to Mr. Cosby, written by Mr. Fred Van Lente himself!!)!

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On the Twelfth Day of Fred Van Lente…

Welcome to Fred Van Lente Day, everybody!

Pretty soon, Fred will be here to chat with us all, but for the rest of the day, it will go down “Twelve Days of Fred Van Lente” style!

So imagine the next posts all preceded by, “On the twelfth day of Fred Van Lente, my true love gave to me…”

And enjoy!

Clear Room On Your Calendar This Sunday to Spend Fred Van Lente Day With Us!

And Mr. Fred Van Lente himself, who will be stopping by for an online chat with you, the readers, this Fred Van Lente Day (which is this Sunday), at 4pm Eastern time!

So come share the holiday with us, and Fred Van Lente, of course!

If you wish to join in the chat, just be sure to visit the site at 4pm – I’ll have a link to the chatroom where the chat will be!

Fred Van Lente Chat Transcript!

Let’s celebrate Fred Van Lente Days Past now, with a transcript of the ultra-cool online chat Fred had with readers this past Fred Van Lente Day (otherwise known as this past Saturday). One bit from the chat that I wanted to spotlight first before you begin reading – Fred and artist Dennis Calero will be signing copies of X-Men Noir at Jim Hanley’s on 33rd Street in Manhattan, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 6-8pm. That’s tomorrow, people!

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Hope You Had a Happy Fred Van Lente Day!

See you again next year!

The chat transcript of the Van Lente chat will be up some time this week! Look for it!

X-Men Noir #1 Review

X-Men Noir, by Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero, is a pretty slight genre piece, but it’s also a pretty entertaining one at that. Continue Reading »

Top Five Dennis Calero Covers

Here are the top five Dennis Calero covers!

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Top Five Variant Takes on the X-Men

Here are the top five variant takes on the X-Men! Note I don’t mean What If…?s or Alternate Realities, but stuff like X-Men Fairy Tales.

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