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Top Five Action Philosophers Covers

Let’s work in some Ryan Dunlavey love, too! Here are the Top Five Action Philosophers (the cool philosophy history series by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey) covers!

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Marvel Zombies 3 #3 Review

This week saw the penultimate issue of the third Marvel Zombies mini-series by Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker, and like the previous two, it’s been a blast! Continue Reading »

Top Five Marvel Zombies Stories

Marvel Zombies has been quite the popular concept, no? So here are the Top Five stories containing the Marvel Zombies!

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The Fred Van Lente Chat Room is Live!

Click here to go to the chat room (then just enter your name and enter the room and join the chat!)

The chat will officially begin at 3:30 PM Eastern!

Fred Van Lente to do Wolverine Comic for Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Yep, Fred Van Lente, along with art team supreme Gurihiru (from Power Pack fame) is going to be doing a new Wolverine one-shot comic book for Free Comic Book Day 2009! The comic, sub-titled “Origin of an X-Man,” is presumably designed to coincide with the release of the Wolverine movie, due out the day before Free Comic Book Day! That’s quite a vote of confidence by Marvel in Van Lente! Read on as we reveal (for the first time) the cover for the issue by comic book superstar artist Ed McGuinness!! Continue Reading »

Hulk Family #1 Review

Fred Van Lente wrote two of the four stories in this week’s Hulk Family #1!

Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

Alex Cox Interviews Fred Van Lente

Alex put up this interview back in August. It’s a great read! – BC

(cross posted at rocketshipstore.com)

Fred Van Lente has been a good customer and pal since the first day we opened the doors of the store. We’ve been on the sidelines to watch him finish writing his self-published ACTION PHILOSOPHERS, become one of the cornerstone creators of the all-ages MARVEL ADVENTURES line (including the hugely popular new POWER PACK series), and witness the rise of the INCREDIBLE HERCULES under his pen. HERCULES has been a sales juggernaut, and is one of the few books to come out of the WORLD WAR HULK event that has continued to gain momentum with fans. Last year’s MODOK’S 11 was one of the year’s best mainstream superhero comics, and currently, with a stove-top full of Marvel books on every burner, Fred has recently opened the self-publishing oven again with COMIC BOOK COMICS, a history of the comic book industry as drawn by his frequent collaborator, Ryan Dunlavey.

I always enjoy talking with Fred; he’s jovial and funny, smart and insightful, and happy to talk about craft, and the process of writing for a wide range of projects. Continue Reading »

Top Five Female Superheroes Using Old Male Codenames

Okay, that is a terrible title, but I couldn’t think of a shorter way of saying what I’m trying to get across. Basically, a common thing is for new female superheroes to show up using the names of older male characters. Sort of how when Hank Pym stopped going by Yellowjacket, Rita DeMara started to use the name (although first as a villain). Here are the top five! Continue Reading »

Have a Holly, Jolly Fred Van Lente Day!

Can you believe it’s already that most wonderful time of the year?

The timing could hardly be any better this year for Fred Van Lente Day, as Thursday saw the release of THREE new Marvel Comics written by Fred!! WOW! What are the odds?!?

So expect reviews of those three books throughout the day.

In addition, for Fred Van Lente Day, I’ll be having FIVE special TOP FIVEs sprinkled throughout the day, as well.

I’m going to reprint Alex Cox’s recent in-depth (and quite good) interview with Fred. That’ll be at 6 AM.

What would Fred Van Lente Day be without some Van Lente Day news? Well, we’ll have a little scoop announced at noon.

Finally, the spotlight of this year’s festivities – at 3:30 PM, Fred Van Lente himself – the man, the myth, the legend will be stopping by for a live online chat with the fans!

(All times are Eastern)

Awesome, right?

Oh, as an extra bonus – I finally broke down and added a “Fred Van Lente Day” category, so you can check it out to re-experience the joys of Fred Van Lente Days past!

I’m dreaming of a white Fred Van Lente Day
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow.

Celebrate Fred Van Lente Day With a Live Fred Van Lente Chat!

For this year’s fourth annual celebration of Fred Van Lente Day (December 6th, for those ignorant to this magnificent holiday), we will be sharing the man, the myth, the legend, Fred Van Lente himself with you good folks!

Fred will do a live online chat this Fred Van Lente Day starting at 3:30 pm Eastern time!

(Although I’m sure you already know) Fred is the co-writer of Incredible Hercules, writer of Marvel Zombies 3, Wolverine First Class, Comic Book Comics, Action Philosophers, and a bunch of other comics!

So stop by the blog at 3:25pm to get a link to the chat room!

Hope you had a fun Fred Van Lente Day!

See you again next year!

The mood is right
The spirit’s up
We’re here tonight
And that’s enough

Simply having a wonderful Van Lente time
Simply having a wonderful Van Lente time

Ghost of Van Lente Future: Comic Book Comics!

The final preview of 2008 comics we have is Fred Van Lente and the great Ryan Dunlavey’s follow-up to their classic Action Philosophers series, Comic Book Comics!!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Ghost of Van Lente Future: Power Pack: Day One!

Here are some preview pages (and a preview cover) of the upcoming Power Pack origin mini-series, by the same creative team of Fantastic Four/Power Pack, Fred Van Lente and Gurihiru, who are joined in each issue with a backup spotlighting a different member of the Power family each issue by the amazing Colleen Coover!!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Ghost of Fred Van Lente Future: Wolverine First Class!!

Now, the biggest surprise of Fred Van Lente Day – our exclusive announcement of Fred Van Lente’s new book for Marvel Comics, debuting in March 2008.

Wolverine First Class!!!


(Click on the Salvador Espín cover to enlarge)

Read on to see a discussion between Fred and I about the comic. Continue Reading »


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