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Cross-Hatchings for July 2016

A little of this and a little of that. Sherlockian manga, cool stuff in the mail, and a worthy cause to which you should consider contributing. Continue Reading »

Sunday in Duvall

Well, we didn’t get our weekend road trip as planned but we at least stole an afternoon to drive east out towards the falls past Echo Lake and see if we could find anything interesting on the back roads around Snoqualmie.

(That’s Twin Peaks country, for those of you that are Northwest-impaired.) Continue Reading »

The Saturday Matinee I’ve Been Wanting Forever

…or at least since 1969 or thereabouts. It happened yesterday. When Julie and I went and saw The Legend of Tarzan.

Now, a great deal of what made it magical for us was coming into it spoiler-free. So be warned, there are many such spoilers below. If you’re here just wanting a read from a fan on whether it’s worth it? YES. Emphatically. Go. But try to go into it cold.

If you’ve seen it already, or you don’t care about being spoiled, join us below the fold. Continue Reading »

Semi-Annual Inventory

Well, I used to do this just once a year but publishers keep canceling stuff on me. And it dawned on me that the reserve list has completely morphed into something different since the last time I talked about it, so here we are again. Continue Reading »

Happy Mark Evanier Day!

The Bill Finger Award recipients were just announced for this year: Elliott Maggin and Richard Hughes. Both very worthy, no question. And both writers who have been largely and unfairly overlooked for an amazing body of work, which is the point of the award. Let me just say right up front that I do not for a moment suggest that there is any reason these two, or in fact any recipient of this award, shouldn’t be getting it.

Nevertheless, there’s a guy who deserves one of his own, and he probably never will get it… because he’s one of the folks who administrates the Finger Award and I suspect he’s too modest to accept one, plus it would look like a fix. Which is a shame.

But it’s typical. Mark Evanier spends so much time making sure we appreciate other great talents in comics, and is such a faithful historian and archivist of other people’s comics and animation work, that I think we forget how much amazing work he does himself. Continue Reading »

Yesterday in Olympia

The week before is invariably an ordeal, but the Olympia Comics Festival is worth it. It has become the high point of the year for both Cartooning and Young Authors. Continue Reading »

The Day Captain America Betrayed Me

I had another appreciation column lined up but with the news this week, I just had to get this off my chest. Never, ever, have I felt so cheated and upset over a comic book as I did when I got to the last page of that issue of Captain America. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for May 2016

Short one this week, because frankly I haven’t been reading a lot of new stuff. I wanted to point you towards a couple of the cool things I did read, give you a heads-up on a new podcast, and admit I was wrong about a couple of other things… and also, gloat about the thing I was completely RIGHT about. Join me, won’t you? Continue Reading »

Happy Marv Wolfman Day!

Marv Wolfman just had a birthday, which reminded me about a series of columns I’ve been meaning to do. Continue Reading »

Career Day


One of the nicest things about teaching the after-school Cartooning class is that quite a few of the kids stay in touch, and I’ve been teaching it long enough that many of those kids are adults now. (I’m still alternating between pride and mild dizziness that several have come by shows we’ve been working to introduce their spouses to “the coolest teacher ever.” Yes, and clearly, now also the oldest. But of course Julie and I love it, Julie especially– though we tease the new nerds-in-law mercilessly about having to pass inspection, the truth is that she mothers all of them.)

Other times former students come to us with problems. We don’t love that they are having difficulty, of course, but we are always moved that they ask us for help.

And not too long ago, we got one that might be of interest to the CBR readership. Moreover, I thought that maybe some of you might even have ideas on the subject as well. So here we go. Continue Reading »

Oh, Is It That Week Again?

I tried. I really did. I wanted to come up with something this week that was cheerful and upbeat and celebratory about comics and fandom and this world that I love.

But literally just DAYS after I tried to caution a couple of my former students about this particular phenomenon, here we are again. Continue Reading »

A Week Playing Catch-Up

In our household, the long nightmare is over. We finally have real internet back. Continue Reading »

Our Two-Convention Weekend

That was actually the most fun at a show– sorry, shows, plural– we’ve had in a while. Continue Reading »

Sunday, Quick and Dirty….

This is mostly a drive-by this week because we are right in the middle of the Emerald City Comic-Con. But I wanted to at least give you a little bit of a column-ette and let you know about a couple of links and things. Continue Reading »


Review Copies

Comics Should Be Good accepts review copies. Anything sent to us will (for better or for worse) end up reviewed on the blog. See where to send the review copies.

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