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#FourComics Friday

This is just a thing that’s going around the internet at the moment and I thought it’d be a fun hook to hang a column on.

The question before the floor is, What Four Comics Changed Your Life? Continue Reading »

Escaping This Week

In all the years I’ve been embroiled with adventure fiction and comics and pulps and so on, whether it’s just reading it or writing about it or creating my own, there’s always been a contingent of folks sneering at the stuff. One of the pejoratives they hurl, over and over, is this– “It’s just escapism.”

I never understood that, even as a kid. My response then and now is Um… yeah. I know. So what? That’s the whole POINT. Continue Reading »

The Week in Fanaticism… or Is It the Year? Maybe the Decade? Or Two?

When I saw the news coming out of Paris, all I could think was, I said this was coming years ago… and it finally happened. Except what I said wasn’t anything to do with terrorism or Islam or race politics or anything like that. Continue Reading »

Two Weekend Outings

“We have to cancel our trip,” I told my bride. “There’s just no way we can pull it off. Too broke.” Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings – Year In Review Edition

It’s that magical time of year when, all across the internet, every columnist and blogger and editor of every stripe starts thinking about the “year-in-review” piece. A look back at 2014. The best and worst of the year. And so on. I usually try to do my bit to take part in this tradition because… well, because it’s tradition.

But this year I ran into a snag. More like a brick wall, really. Continue Reading »

A Yuletide Favorite

Many, many comics bloggers have weighed in with memories of their favorite holiday-themed superhero comics from over the years. Most of them are talking about the tabloid-sized reprint books like DC’s Christmas With The Super-Heroes or Marvel’s Superhero Holiday Grab Bag.

Mine was a pretty hefty book too, but it’s not one of those. Continue Reading »

Happy Wold Newton Day!

Today, as I write this, it’s the 13th of December. The anniversary of the day a meteorite fell to Earth near the village of Wold Newton in Yorkshire, England, back in 1795.

I know this because, believe it or not, that event would eventually result in the greatest ongoing crossover story ever; and incidentally have a remarkable effect on my own life as well. Continue Reading »

My Week In Geek

I don’t know why this ramps up the way it does every year around this time, but it always does. People ask me things. I mean, non-fan sorts of people. Continue Reading »

A Weekend Revisiting the Daily Planet

One of the things I tell my students fairly often, both in the writing and drawing classes I teach, is this– you need to look at real things. Continue Reading »

Sucksgiving Day Soundtrack

Yesterday was so miserable and unpleasant I was feeling like that Joe Bftsplk guy in Li’l Abner that had the rain cloud over him all the time.

Then I remembered– it was Sucksgiving Eve. So of course it would be a crappy day. Continue Reading »

Last Saturday at Jet City

That is to say, the Jet City Comics Show in Tacoma. Continue Reading »

A Birthday Flashback Favorites Meme Thing

Because I have a birthday coming up, which is an occasion to look back on all the years leading up to this one, and also because it looked like fun– here is another one of those meme-questionnaire things, this time asking questions about favorite stories. As usual, I have re-purposed it a bit to make it all about comics. Continue Reading »

Halloween in the Skull Cave

Just a short one, this time out. Between school stuff, Halloween stuff, and story deadline stuff, something had to give, and so you are only getting a half-size column this week. But this really awesome comic came out Wednesday that made me ridiculously happy, and I have a hunch some of you may not be aware of it because it’s not from one of the big publishers. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for October 2014

Bits and pieces. This-n-that. Wonder Woman, the Shadow, and two-fisted time travel. Continue Reading »

Last Sunday with the Antiquarians

Well, we couldn’t buy anything at last week’s Antiquarian Book Fair, but we still had fun. Continue Reading »


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