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Cross-Hatchings for May 2013

A little of this, a little of that. Some pulp fiction, a couple of costumed-hero movies you’ve probably never heard of, and even some comics. Continue Reading »

Last Bat-Time, Last Bat-Channel

This is one of those odd, tragic stories that you see so often in the comics industry… a particular injustice that was the final contemptuous boot in the ass to a talent that the comics industry had already beat like a piñata for most of his career. Continue Reading »

Friday in the Stacks– Guest Reviews Edition

Super busy this week, since we’re trying to deal with the end of the school year AND get books ready to roll out at the upcoming Olympia Comics Festival. So it’s capsule reviews again… but with a twist. Continue Reading »

Friday Aboard the Star Wolf

Not comics this week, just comics-adjacent. But I think it’s a story you’ll enjoy, and also a chance to help out with something really cool. Continue Reading »

Friday the Second Time Around

Despite what some people think, I really don’t read EVERYTHING. Continue Reading »

An Upbeat List for a Crabby Saturday

There’s something that happens with me, every so often. Judging from what I see around the blogosphere and on various social media sites, this happens to lots of other comics people too… fans and pros alike. Continue Reading »

Another Friday In The Stacks– Review Pile Edition

By the time you read this, Julie and I will be on the road again. Continue Reading »

A Useless Sunday Daydream- Team Edition

This one’s just for fun. Fanboy speculating and goofing off. Completely and utterly nerdy. You were warned. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for March 2013

This and that. Comics, pulps, television, all sorts of things. You know the drill by now. Continue Reading »


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