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Cross-Hatchings for March 2014

A little of this and a little of that… stuff that didn’t rate a full column but that I didn’t want to ignore. Continue Reading »

A Groovy Saturday Matinee

This came up at the comics shop this week and I thought I’d share it with all of you. Continue Reading »

Story Hour on the Commute

It’s been so long since this happened to us that I forgot it does happen. Continue Reading »

Back in the Stacks on Saturday

Wrapping up the capsule reviews from last week. Some superhero books, some fantasy, some western, and some oddball humor, even. Continue Reading »

Another Weekend in the Stacks

My town is going nuts this weekend. Apparently there’s some sort of impending sporting event that has sent Seattle residents into a spiral of crazy. Seriously, it’s a lot like that old episode of Star Trek where the clock strikes six and everyone runs screaming into the streets, “FESTIVAL! FESTIVAL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Continue Reading »

Splashy Saturday

I’ve been reading a lot of older comics lately, and as I’ve been wallowing in all this Bronze Age goodness, it struck me that comic books as we know them today have gradually phased out something that I used to really get a kick out of. Continue Reading »

It Was Years Ago But We’re Still Angry With You

The title of this piece refers to ‘years ago,’ but the subject came up again just this last week. In fact, around the internet and on comics news sites especially, it’s getting to be a monthly thing and has been for decades. And it’s all coming from a piece of conventional wisdom that is as mystifying to me now as it was the first time I heard it. Continue Reading »

Another Couch Potato Weekend

This was one of those weeks where I was buried in work stuff– writing gigs, school things, and so on. So I just didn’t get a lot of reading done. Didn’t get down to the comics shop, didn’t really get to attack the review pile or the Shelf of Shame… there are piles and piles of books just sitting there, making me feel ridiculously guilty.

What I did get to do was watch a lot of weird old movies and TV shows. Continue Reading »

The Year-End Thing

Looking back at the last year, I find…. that all of us comics blog types over the last couple of weeks are writing about the last year. So here I am doing it too. What can I say? The peer pressure’s too much for me.

I’m not fool enough to think I can sum it all up, and this isn’t any kind of best-of or anything, but here are a few things that stuck out for me this last year. Continue Reading »

A Couple of Quick Sunday Links for You

We’re still under the weather here, and I had another crushing deadline on a project that really had to be done by the end of the year, and, well… something had to give. So this week in lieu of the usual column I’m just going to point you to some other fun internet things I ran across that may be of interest. X-Men, a new Star Trek series, interesting old “men’s adventure” books, a new Wonder Woman. Continue Reading »

December Cross-Hatchings… In the Stacks

We have this annual holiday ritual in our household. Continue Reading »

Weekend with the Review Pile (Videogames Edition)

Somehow, I wound up with a big stack of books and comics based on videogames here next to my desk and today I’m going to try and get through as many of them as I can. So it’s capsule review time again. Continue Reading »

A Holiday Wish List… for 2014

Here’s the good news. Comics companies are finally getting around to putting together reprint collections of material we’ve been agitating for them to do for years. Continue Reading »

A Black Friday Consultation

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I get this ALL THE TIME during the holiday season.

I teach comics and cartooning, which means that most of the people I encounter in the workplace are aware that I’m pretty geek-literate in all sorts of quirky areas, and I get questions all the time. But never more than this time of year. Continue Reading »

Saturday In The Stacks, DC Edition

I am rude about a lot of the new books DC’s been putting out lately. I’ll own it. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to like them. I bought two new trade collections from DC this week, in fact, and one of them I liked a lot. The other one struck me as one-stop shopping for everything I really don’t care for about the New 52. Continue Reading »


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