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Lost Weekend in the Stacks

I never quite get caught up with the books around here.
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My Summer on Misfit Island

Regular readers will recall that I teach writing and cartooning classes in local schools as part of an after-school arts program. The last couple of years, I’ve also taught summer school classes in the subject, and that’s been a whole different animal. Continue Reading »

Saturday with Illustrator Juan Ortiz

Not strictly comics this week, but comics-adjacent. Continue Reading »

A Saturday Farewell… and a Word of Caution

A couple of news items came to my attention this week that might seem unrelated but there is a common thread that ties them together. Continue Reading »

This Year’s Long Weekend on the Road

Almost nothing went according to plan, but we did manage to enjoy ourselves somewhat, and turned up a few interesting books on the way. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for August 2013

No one subject struck me as column-worthy on its own this week, so here are a few little things. Column-ettes. Continue Reading »

Friday Among the Missing

I was asked this week if there was something that we used to have in comics that’s gone now, something I still missed. Continue Reading »

A Day In The Stacks (Review Pile Redux)

Picking up where we left off last time, going through the pile of great books I’ve acquired over the last few weeks… Continue Reading »

Another Day In The Stacks… With the Review Pile

People have been sending me so much COOL STUFF that this ended up being part one of two. Continue Reading »

Another Day In The Stacks- Retro Edition

I realize everything is about Wolverine and the Marvel movies this weekend, but I’ve missed all of that. I’ve been buried in a project that requires a lot of research into the 1930s and 40s… and as a side effect of that, lately I’ve been reading a lot of stuff set in the Golden Age. Pulps, comics, novels. Continue Reading »

Friday with the M.O.B.

Like anyone in the entertainment press, I somehow seem to get on all sorts of promotional lists. Press releases, event hype, stuff like that. Most of it’s junk and gets filed appropriately, but every so often something shows up in my inbox that really makes me sit up straight and say, “Whoa.” This is one of those things. Continue Reading »

Another Sunday Drive With Some Looks At Books

People occasionally ask me, “So have you been on any trips?” or “When are you doing another road trip column?” Continue Reading »

Friday With Greg Cox

When Titan Books asked me if I wanted to talk to Greg Cox about his MAN OF STEEL novelization, I lunged at it. Continue Reading »

Saturday With the Big Guy


Like everyone else who writes about comics, I’ve spent a big part of the last week thinking about Superman. Continue Reading »


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