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A Black Friday Consultation

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I get this ALL THE TIME during the holiday season.

I teach comics and cartooning, which means that most of the people I encounter in the workplace are aware that I’m pretty geek-literate in all sorts of quirky areas, and I get questions all the time. But never more than this time of year. Continue Reading »

Saturday In The Stacks, DC Edition

I am rude about a lot of the new books DC’s been putting out lately. I’ll own it. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to like them. I bought two new trade collections from DC this week, in fact, and one of them I liked a lot. The other one struck me as one-stop shopping for everything I really don’t care for about the New 52. Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Virtual Fisticuffs

Normally I am a reasonable, easygoing person. Today, though, not so much. Continue Reading »

Friday at the End of the Road

This is one of those weird little fan milestones that I not only never expected to actually reach, but I honestly thought it was impossible. Continue Reading »

Housebound on a Blustery Day

Once again, my town is gripped with panic at the thought of experiencing… Weather. Continue Reading »

Halloween Cross-Hatchings

A little of this, a little of that… comics and TV and books, all with a spooky angle, none of which was big enough to warrant its own piece. Continue Reading »

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer

I’m sorry to report that Lou Scheimer, co-founder and president of Filmation Studios, has passed away. He was 84. Continue Reading »

Premiere Week!

It’s not quite the big deal it was when I was a kid, but we still get jazzed in our household for the fall television premieres. Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday Ramona Fradon!

Or, as I think of her, the artist who drew MY Aquaman.

Continue Reading »

Lost Weekend in the Stacks

I never quite get caught up with the books around here.
Continue Reading »

My Summer on Misfit Island

Regular readers will recall that I teach writing and cartooning classes in local schools as part of an after-school arts program. The last couple of years, I’ve also taught summer school classes in the subject, and that’s been a whole different animal. Continue Reading »

Saturday with Illustrator Juan Ortiz

Not strictly comics this week, but comics-adjacent. Continue Reading »

A Saturday Farewell… and a Word of Caution

A couple of news items came to my attention this week that might seem unrelated but there is a common thread that ties them together. Continue Reading »

This Year’s Long Weekend on the Road

Almost nothing went according to plan, but we did manage to enjoy ourselves somewhat, and turned up a few interesting books on the way. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for August 2013

No one subject struck me as column-worthy on its own this week, so here are a few little things. Column-ettes. Continue Reading »


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