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A Week With The Perennials

It’s been the kind of bad-news week where I find myself eschewing new books, instead gravitating toward some beloved old favorites for the week’s bus reads. Comfort food.

To me the essence of comfort food reading is the pleasure of the expected. It’s the same reassuring feeling you get from seeing a favorite band play the hits. Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few of those familiar old favorites with you this week. Continue Reading »

Saturday In the Overcrowded Batcave

Why do so many people think Batman should become a franchise?

I don’t mean in the real world. I understand why DC Comics has always published a bunch of Batman comics. No, I mean in Gotham City. Continue Reading »

Sunday At The Back of the Book


This is just a silly little something that I came across during our recent trip along the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and it tickled me so that I thought it deserved its own post…. especially since it reminded me of an honorable old comics tradition that is largely gone today.

The tradition I’m speaking of is the ‘house ad.’ Continue Reading »

Our Saturday in Olympia

…and by that I naturally mean our annual class trip to the Olympia Comics Festival. Continue Reading »

Sunday Drive-By Linkage

Here’s the thing… much as I’d love to be presenting you with the tale of our Memorial Day bookscouting adventures along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, various Life Events have intervened. So instead, here’s another short piece with some interesting links and things while I try and get caught up on various commitments, including getting the Cartooning and Young Authors class anthologies ready to roll out at the Olympia Comics Festival six days from now…. and getting the damn car fixed so we can transport them there. Continue Reading »

Wednesday Drive-by Linkage

Chances are, with the end of the school year AND the Olympia Comics Festival class trip both hurtling towards me like a runaway train, the column’s going to be a little late posting this week… so here’s an article I wrote about bookscouting. It’s something I’ve been promising my friend Jim forever; he runs a site about having fun on the cheap called Blue Collar Black Tie and since that’s pretty much how Julie and I have lived for our whole lives, he recruited us as contributors. We finally made it. Check out the rest of the site while you’re there.

The Week’s Commute… In The Stacks

By the time you read this, we’ll be on the road again. With Julie now established in her new job and our work schedules actually aligned for the first time in about five years, the holiday weekend– all three glorious days of it!– is ours to enjoy as we wish. As it happens, since I have a printshop delivery that comes with a free hotel stay at the Tokeland, we are taking advantage of our three-day weekend to go to the coast.

But that tale will have to wait. This week I have something else. Continue Reading »

2015’s Annual Inventory Revisited, With Added Impulse Buys

With Julie safely at a nice new job and our finances slowly recovering, I am finally in a place where I can buy comics again. So I decided to revisit the pull list, catch up with the books that were piling up, and so on.

There’s just one problem. Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Hit Parade

This is another one you can blame on my friend Mike over at Radio Vs. The Martians. Continue Reading »

Last Sunday on Rainier

Julie was still asleep when inspiration hit me on Sunday morning. So I went into our bedroom and sat on the foot of the bed and said, “I have one word for you.”

She stirred and said “Mmmmfraw,” which after over a decade of marriage I knew meant Huh? What time is it? What word? What are you on about now? Continue Reading »

Saturday With the Destroyers

I know that at the moment the comics blogosphere is all about Iceman, but there were a couple of OTHER books that came out this week. One of them that was sent to me for review is very cool, but unlikely to be on most fans’ radar… so I thought I would call your attention to it. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for April 2015

The usual bits and pieces. Mostly just cool links and things. Continue Reading »

Our Weekend at Emerald City 2015 (part 2)

I told you a little about our trip to this year’s ECCC in last week’s column. Here’s the rest of the report, as promised. Continue Reading »


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