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Another Afternoon Goofing Off With A Meme Thing

This is just another one of those things that arrive in my In Box once in a while. It amuses me to take these earnest market-survey questionnaires about books and reading that I get sent every so often and apply them to comics.

This one is something that showed up at school, clearly aimed at students who are reluctant readers, but I decided to answer it myself anyway, just for the hell of it. Continue Reading »

Classroom Movie Day!

As the comics internet collectively sharpens its metaphorical knives on the new DC superhero redesigns released this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to point out a recent effort from that company that, to my surprise, actually turned out remarkably well. In fact, it was a hit with both me AND my middle-school Cartooning class. Continue Reading »

The Week of the Miracle

I wasn’t going to write about this. I really wasn’t. It seemed crass.

But then Brian wrote about it so I thought I’d at least explain what was going on. Apart from that, I’ve done a number of columns documenting when comics fans behaved badly, so I feel obligated to make sure you people hear about it when comics fans do something magnificent. Continue Reading »

Weekend at the Wake

My first indication that this was going to be a thing was when a co-worker came up to me on Friday and said, “I’m so sorry.” Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for February 2015

This-n-that. Some amusing links, some interesting books, and of course comics. Continue Reading »

A Week of Author Events

Been really, REALLY busy this whole week, which is why this is going up considerably later than usual. But there were bits and pieces of sort-of-comics-related things going on throughout, with both my students and me, and I’ll tell you about those. Book signings, new publications, all kinds of things. Continue Reading »

The Annual Inventory, 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year when I look at the pull list I have with my local retailer and decide what stays and what goes. Join me, won’t you? Continue Reading »

Super Bowl Weekend In the Stacks

There is a large sporting event taking place tomorrow that has my hometown of Seattle in a frenzy not unlike the one in the old Star Trek episode “Return of the Archons.” You know, where the clock strikes six and everyone runs riot in the streets screaming “FESTIVAL! FESTIVAL! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Continue Reading »

#FourComics Friday

This is just a thing that’s going around the internet at the moment and I thought it’d be a fun hook to hang a column on.

The question before the floor is, What Four Comics Changed Your Life? Continue Reading »

Escaping This Week

In all the years I’ve been embroiled with adventure fiction and comics and pulps and so on, whether it’s just reading it or writing about it or creating my own, there’s always been a contingent of folks sneering at the stuff. One of the pejoratives they hurl, over and over, is this– “It’s just escapism.”

I never understood that, even as a kid. My response then and now is Um… yeah. I know. So what? That’s the whole POINT. Continue Reading »

The Week in Fanaticism… or Is It the Year? Maybe the Decade? Or Two?

When I saw the news coming out of Paris, all I could think was, I said this was coming years ago… and it finally happened. Except what I said wasn’t anything to do with terrorism or Islam or race politics or anything like that. Continue Reading »

Two Weekend Outings

“We have to cancel our trip,” I told my bride. “There’s just no way we can pull it off. Too broke.” Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings – Year In Review Edition

It’s that magical time of year when, all across the internet, every columnist and blogger and editor of every stripe starts thinking about the “year-in-review” piece. A look back at 2014. The best and worst of the year. And so on. I usually try to do my bit to take part in this tradition because… well, because it’s tradition.

But this year I ran into a snag. More like a brick wall, really. Continue Reading »

A Yuletide Favorite

Many, many comics bloggers have weighed in with memories of their favorite holiday-themed superhero comics from over the years. Most of them are talking about the tabloid-sized reprint books like DC’s Christmas With The Super-Heroes or Marvel’s Superhero Holiday Grab Bag.

Mine was a pretty hefty book too, but it’s not one of those. Continue Reading »

Happy Wold Newton Day!

Today, as I write this, it’s the 13th of December. The anniversary of the day a meteorite fell to Earth near the village of Wold Newton in Yorkshire, England, back in 1795.

I know this because, believe it or not, that event would eventually result in the greatest ongoing crossover story ever; and incidentally have a remarkable effect on my own life as well. Continue Reading »


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