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Comic Book Legends Revealed Addendum: Alex Ross’ Original Iron Man Design!

In this week’s Comic Book Legends Revealed, I discussed how Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross did a pitch for the Iron Man ongoing series before they worked together on Marvels. Later, when Busiek relaunched the Iron Man ongoing series following Heroes Reborn, he ended up using Ross’ design for the Iron Man armor. Well, reader Dave Plunkert wrote in and shared with me a copy of Ross’ original armor design that he purchased years ago. Read on to see Ross’ original design for Iron Man’s armor!
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75 Bob Dylan Comic Book References

In honor of Bob Dylan’s 75th Birthday today, I decided to feature seventy-five comic book references to Bob Dylan, whether it is a story named after a song of his, him appearing in the actual comic (or the cover) or him being mentioned in the comic itself (this is basically just the same bit I did for his 70th birthday, just with 5 more references, plus I explained all of he references this time, for those of you who don’t know Dylan songs that well)!


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Join J.M. DeMatteis’ Imagination 101!

The great J.M. DeMatteis, writer of many amazing comic books over the years, is doing another one of his Imagination 101 workshops.

Read on for the press release for this creative writing workshop!
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Can You Ride an Arrow Like Ant-Man?


A little while ago, we discussed the first time heroes rode on their teammates’ arrows, in honor of Ant-Man and Hawkeye pulling off the trick in the new Captain America: Civil War film. The comments section began to discuss the physics of such a trick. Well, our old pal Matt Brady decided to delve into the physics of the trick big time at his website, TheScienceOf.org.

Check out what he came up with here.

What If the Punisher Competed in the Wacky Races?!

Daniel Cox was too late for this week’s Line it is Drawn, with Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters being mashed up with comic book characters, so I figured I’d give it a spotlight now so you folks don’t miss out on this awesome piece, which was suggested by
LordAndrew . Read on to see the Punisher compete in the Wacky Races!
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Check Out These Sample Pages of a Gods of Egypt Comic Book Adaptation

A while back, Alex Proyas (director of The Crow, Dark City, I, Robot, Knowing and Gods of Egypt) posted the first few pages of a sample Gods of Egypt comic book adaptation that former Line it is Drawn artist Daniel Cox (who worked on Gods of Egypt as a concept artist) drew (with inks by Jason Paulos). I wasn’t sure if he was going to post the rest of the pages, but since it’s now been a few months, I guess now’s as good a time as any to show the rest of the pages, so read on for all of the pages that Daniel and Jason did of this sample adaptation!

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What Happens When Wonder Woman Plays “Bullets and Bracelets” With the Punisher?

Nick Butch was too late to join this week’s Punisher-themed Line it is Drawn when it first went up, so after I edited his pieces into the Line, I figured we should also spotlight them here so everyone has a chance to see them.

Now, based on a suggestion from LordAndrew , see how the Punisher would fare if he played “Bullets and Bracelets” with Wonder Woman…
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Who or What Is…the Gwenisher?!

Nick Butch was too late to join this week’s Punisher-themed Line it is Drawn when it first went up, so after I edited his pieces into the Line, I figured we should also spotlight them here so everyone has a chance to see them.

First up, based on a suggestion from BigMike20X6 , first there was Spider-Gwen, then there was Gwenpool. Are you read for the Gwenisher?
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Captain Marvel Has Some Words for Superman

This week’s Line it is Drawn was about our artists doing their own takes on famous comic book battles. One of the artists who didn’t manage to do a piece this week was going to draw Captain Marvel versus Superman during Kingdom Come. Nick Perks did a version of the piece on his own, and since the other artist didn’t make it, I figure it’d only be fair to show what Nick came up with!

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Celebrate First Second’s 10th Anniversary With Some Cool Reading Lists!

The great graphic novel publisher First Second is celebrating their tenth anniversary this year.

All through the year, they’re featuring themed reading lists for each month. Read on for January and February’s lists!
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Kickstarting Things with Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway’s Semiautomagic

Alex de Campi and the great Jerry Ordway have a new Kickstarter up for a new set of stories set in the world of their fun Semiautomagic world.

Check the campaign out here.

Amazing Heroes Trading Card Set

My buddy Christopher Irving is working on a Kickstarter campaign for a new trading card set featuring the heroes from the first wave of the successful action figure campaign for figures like Captain Action, Stardust and more!
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Small Pressings: The Gut-Busting Comics of Sarah Andersen

Recently, social media has exposed me to an influx of web comics and new and wonderful artists I wouldn’t previously have found on my own.  Twitter in particular houses a gold mine of good comics, and I decided I needed a space where I could highlight some of the independent work I’ve come across and enjoyed, both in web and print form—so arrives this column I’m calling “Small Pressings.”  This first installment is dedicated to Sarah Andersen, creator of Sarah’s Scribbles.
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Wolverine, Namor and Watcher Debate the Merits of Remaining Dead

This Nick Butch piece was sent in too late to iniitally appear with this week’s Line it is Drawn, but I’ve now added it to the post, but I figured I’d share it here, too.

Based on the therealAstrozac suggestion of

Wolverine and other dead characters promise to return

, Nick drew the following…
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Line it is Drawn Star Wars Editions!

A number of times over the years, The Line it is Drawn has done a number of Star Wars-themed installments.

Check out these Line it is Drawn Star Wars-themed galleries from the past!

Line it is Drawn #270

Line it is Drawn #222

Line it is Drawn #173

Line it is Drawn #114

Line it is Drawn #81

Line it is Drawn #17


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