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It’s Not Easy Being Green….Lantern

Tsubasa Yozora’s piece was too late to make the initial posting for this week’s Disney-themed Line it is Drawn, so I figured I’d share it with you here (it’s also in the Line now, as well).

Based on a KeithAlanMorgan suggestion of

Kermit singing, “It’s not easy being Green Lantern”

This one was drawn by Tsubasa Yozora. Here is his website.

Read on for the drawing!
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In Space, No One Can Hear Deadpool Scream

Uncle Woofie missed out on the alien-themed week of The Line it is Drawn a few weeks back, but he recently finished the piece he planned on doing then, so I’ll just post it now, along with his piece for this week’s Line (technical issues delayed his entry, so I didn’t get to add it until late in the day so I imagine many people missed it).
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Die Alone, Unmourned, and Unloved: Reflections upon Reading Cerebus

Last Sunday, I finished reading Cerebus. I bought all 16 phonebooks collecting the series last year (I already had the zero issue and World Tour book from backing the digital High Society Kickstarter, so no gaps there either) and, prompted by Andrew Hickey deciding to write about the series over at Mindless Ones, I dove in. Two months later, give or take, I have finished and have spent the last week thinking about the series, wondering if I have anything to say about it. I believe I do.

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Best Wishes to Yukinori Xum

Our longtime Line it is Drawn artist, Yukinori Xum, has been away from home for some time now due to some business he had to take care of overseas. He has finally returned, so we’ll be missing him for a few weeks while he has a well-deserved reunion with his family. Anyhow, Xum passed along a piece he did to commemorate the occasion and I figured I’d post it for him.


Again, our best wishes, Xum!

Spotlight on Apocalypse at the Main Site

In honor of the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse film, I did a write-up on Apocalypse’s history on the main CBR page. Check it out here.

No, Seriously, the X-Men Can’t Get AIDS


Last week, I discussed the rather odd (in a bad way) idea that mutants cannot contract AIDS (nor, naturally enough, HIV). I thought that the notion first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #427 by Chuck Austen, Steve Kim and a number of inkers. As it turns out, commenter Mikhail pointed out that Austen actually debuted the notion six issues earlier, in Uncanny X-Men #421 by Austen, Ron Garney and Mark Morales.

Read on to see how it was introduced!
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CBR’s 2010 Top 50 X-Men


The forums at Comic Book Resources were closed recently, which is fair enough, but I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post a countdown I did back in 2010 based on votes by the CBR X-Men forum members of their favorite X-Men. This way I can save the list for posterity. I should perhaps update this list some day, as it is almost four years out of date at this point.

Anyhow, from 2010, here are CBR’s Top 50 X-Men…
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Hulk 2099 vs. Batman Beyond and The Contest of Champions Cover Homages!

The CBR mail server went down earlier today so I was unable to access my CBR mail for a while, so I missed out on adding Fernando Pinto’s piece until way late, so I figured I’d give it his own post, along with Brendan Tobin’s late piece!

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What Did You Think About the Flash Promo Spot?

Towards the end of Wednesday night’s fun finale of the Arrow, the CW debuted their promo for the new Flash series that is coming to the CW on Tuesday nights this Fall.

I really liked it. I love how they are making Barry Allen a joyful character. It is a smart choice and it is very impressive to see how they’re willing to avoid using the same tone for all of their series. Where Arrow can successfully pull off the darker vibe (although, as this season shows, he can also pull off the heroic vibe, as well), that’s not Barry Allen – not even with his new, darker origins courtesy of Flash Rebirth. And the producers are not going that route, which is great. Plus, isn’t it nice to see someone ENJOYING having superpowers? It really captures the unique appeal of HAVING powers like the Flash’s if the hero himself is pumped about his powers.

And the costume looks okay so far!

Barbie Was Ahead of the Selfie Game…

Barbie was ahead of the game when it came to taking selfies, as shown by this 1995 issue of her self-titled comic book…


Matt Kindt Has a Thing About Paper

Reading last week’s books, I found an amusing bit in two comics released last week from writer Matt Kindt.

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Two Late Additions to This Week’s Line

Nelson Flores got his in after I posted the piece and David Branstetter has a second piece that I just completely missed in his submission to me this week (sorry, David!).

I’ve edited them into this week’s piece already, but because it is later in the day, I figure I should give them their own spotlight entry!

So read on for Spidey teaming up with Harvey Pekar and Indiana Jones!
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Interesting New How-To Guide to Drawing Comic Characters


The 21 Draw Art Project has a new book looking for funding today on IndieGogo that seemed interesting to me, so I figured I’d feature it here.

Essentially, it’s a reference guide for drawing comic characters aspiring artists, with famous artists like Steve Rude and Ariel Olivetti supplying examples of different types of characters and then supplying explicit details for each of the characters. You know, front shots, back shots, side shots, details on hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.

The variety of different art styles is very important, as you’re bound to find an artists whose style is similar to your own so that they would be the most help to you.

It seems like a very useful book that I Figured a bunch of artists out there would be interested in, so if you’re one of those people, check out their IndieGogo listing here. They just went live with funding of their project.

The Crazy, Manic Silver Age Style Origin of the All-New Ghost Rider

So far, through two issues, Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider has been a delight. Tradd Moore, Nelson Daniel and Val Staples combine for some stunning visuals and come on, how can you not feel something for a comic with the following design feature to kick the book off…


but what strikes me the most about the series is how Felipe Smith has managed to give the All-New Ghost Rider an old school Silver Age origin, without feeling old fashioned at all.
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Interesting Survey About Sexual Harassment in the World of Comics

Janelle Asselin is doing a sexual harassment in comics survey. I recommend filling it out – the more responses she receives the better! She’s already received some fascinating information.

Here it is.


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