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What if Cloak and Dagger Retired to the Suburbs?

Nick Butch did the following piece for the most recent The Line it is Drawn, but it was too late for inclusion in that Line, so here it is on its own!
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You Go Your Way and I Go Mine: Kitty Pryde’s Use of the N-Word

This is the debut of a feature that I don’t imagine I will be using very often. In “Things That Turned Out Bad,” I spotlight comic book stories that were bad ideas at the time and only look worse in retrospect. In “Remember to Forget,” I spotlight comic book stories that are probably best forgotten (but not as outright bad as the stories featured in “Things That Turned Out Bad”). Occasionally, though, there are stories that I sort of think are bad enough ideas to spotlight in Things That Turned Out Bad, but I honestly am not sure. Hence, this feature.

A much simpler way of describing it is “in this feature, we spotlight divisive comic book plots.”

We begin with Kitty Pryde’s use of the n-word in X-Men comics during the 1980s.
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Check Out This Neat Joker Infographic

CBR senior editor Stephen Gerding put together this amazing-looking infographic of Joker’s various looks over his 75 year history. He did a great job with it. Brett White and I helped him put together the various “looks” that should be featured in the piece, but that’s very little compared to the effort Steve put into the design and production of the actual infographic. Well done!

“He’s a Doctor?” and Other Three-Word Heartbreaks on this Day of the Batman

For whatever reason, seeing that it is “Batman Day” made me think of Brian Azzarello. Maybe it’s that, this year, he’s co-written (or will have work he’s co-written released) four different projects featuring Batman. He’s written a surprising amount of comics featuring Batman from Broken City to Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance to the Deathblow crossover to the Wednesday Comics story to First Wave to various shorts and guest appearances… I haven’t read every Azzarello Batman story (it’s pretty much a couple of shorts and that recent issue of Batman that he co-wrote that I didn’t know he co-wrote until the day after it came out), but I’ve read most of them and there are three that stand out to me today.

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Happy Batman Day!

Today is Batman Day. Let us celebrate by sharing your favorite Batman-related memory!

Also, let me take this occasion to announce a side project I’m writing for About.com about the Dark Knight!

If Se7en Was a 1990s Comic Book…

If Se7en was a 1990s comic book, the box wouldn’t be opened until the third sequel, and its contents would most likely involve clones.

Now your turn! Give me a good “If ____ was a 1990s comic book, then _____”! I might put together a top five of my favorites if there are enough good ones.

Celebrate Labor Day With a Look at Some of the Oddest Superhero Day Jobs of All-Time!


I wrote a piece for the main site spotlighting weird superhero day jobs, like Wonder Woman’s time slinging tacos or Hal Jordan’s time selling toys and insurance. Check it out here.

Sue Storm Celebrates Jack Kirby’s Birthday!

This week’s Line it is Drawn involved Jack Kirby characters celebrating his birthday. Here is Phil Horton’s entry, which was delayed due to some technical issues on my part. So I wanted to make sure everyone got to see it…

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Help Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger: The Ongoing Series Become a Reality!

Jamal Igle is doing a Kickstarter for a Molly Danger ongoing series. I’ve pledged to it, you should, too! It’s a fun series! Check out his campaign here.

How Has There Never Been a Spider-Man Story About Alice Tucker or Peter Doman?

Spider-Man has been around for over fifty years. As a result, his older stories have been sort of picked clean by writers looking for new meat for stories. So while I say this with tongue somewhat in cheek, I honestly am slightly surprised that a 1981 Annual that introduced a bunch of former students of Peter Parkers in high school haven’t been minded for any stories since…
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The Punisher in “Hostess Schmostess”

Brendan Tobin was late for this past week’s The Line it is Drawn Hostess Ad week, but I couldn’t not post his awesome piece, so here it is, based on a suggestion by BigBearSpeaks
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the chemical box // notes on Elektra Lives Again

promo poster

The chemical box was a podcast between Joey Aulisio and myself. It took us four years to record 25 episodes.

With that track record, we can’t begin this column by promising anything, really. No set schedule. No overall mission. Joey and I just work in a way that’s momentary, grabbing what we can when we can. The spontaneity is energetic, but admittedly it makes for limited workflow. You may get more of the chemical box here, in this form, but who’s to say? You may never hear from us again.

For now, just take the time and read these notes on Frank Miller’s Elektra Lives Again, and see this as a singular piece of content produced because the time felt right.  Continue Reading »

The Greatest Comic Book Fights That Never Were

Nick Butch did the following piece for last week’s The Line it is Drawn. It ran afoul of some nudity complaints, though, so I temporarily pulled it. I put it back (with one page altered by Nick and one page black barred by me), but since I pulled it so quickly, I don’t think enough people got a chance to see it, so I figured I’d post it again on its own. So enjoy!
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It Is Your Last Chance to Vote for the Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told!

Click here to cast your ballot!

I’ll probably be counting them for a couple of days, so honestly, while the deadline is in a little over three hours, you can probably still trickle in ballots for the next day or so and I’ll still count them.

House to Astonish Episode 133

It’s been a busy little week of news, and Paul and I have got chat about the Wicked and the Divine heading to TV, Tilda Swinton potentially joining the cast of Doctor Strange, the Lumberjanes movie landing at Fox, Stephen Amell’s dalliance with WWE, Mark Paniccia’s step up to X-Men senior group editor, the post-Secret Wars Marvel teasers, Brian Bendis and David Marquez’s Invincible Iron Man and DC’s half-page ads. We’ve also got reviews of The Covenant, Bizarro and Airboy, and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is what it eats. All this plus Gary Oldman Logan, Rage Twix and Fear Twix, and Formula One’s legendary piranha pit crews.


As usual, we want to know what you think of the issues of the day, including (but not limited to):

  • What do you hope to see coming out of Secret Wars?
  • Who would you cast as the Ancient One?
  • What’s your favourite comics-to-TV adaptation?

The podcast is here, or here on Mixcloud.

Or listen to it right here!

House to Astonish Episode 133 – Uncle Lemmy’s Big Idea by Housetoastonish on Mixcloud

Let us know what you think in the comments below, on Twitter (where I’m @housetoastonish and Paul is @ifdestroyed), via email to housetoastonish@gmail.com, or on our Facebook fan page. Don’t forget that if you want to look amazing and help keep us in Jaffa Cakes, our wonderfully affordable shirts are available at our Redbubble store.



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