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I’d Give Captain Marvel Black Widow’s Role in Harras’ Avengers

If you reread Bob Harras’ Avengers run, you’ll notice two things…

1. It wasn’t all that powerful of an Avengers team


2. Black Widow really doesn’t DO much

That’s why, I’d have Captain Marvel II take over as Avengers chairperson during Widow’s tenure.

I do not think it would change any of Harras’ stories, really, and all it would do would be give Captain Marvel II some much-needed exposure.

I’d Give the Post-Byrne Superman Supporting Cast Some Plots

Jose Delgado, Cat Grant, Bippo, Ron Troupe, even that little kid the Whites adopted (Keith, right?) – they might not be the greatest characters in the world, but they add a certain richness to the cast of Superman that you just don’t get with every story simply being Lois, Perry and Jimmy (and now Lana).

What would it hurt to give these characters a chance?

I’d give them a story here and there.

Okay, maybe not Keith White. We have to have SOME standards, right?

I’d Make Bishop a Little Less of a Bad Guy

I don’t mind the idea of having Bishop being the nemesis of Cable (it is a bit like what Fraction has been doing with G.W. Bridge in Punisher War Journal, but whatever, it’s still a fine idea) – but can’t Bishop be a bit less of a psycho about it?

That’s how I would handle it – I’d make it a little more of a grey area, and not just that Bishop is willing to do anything on the slight chance it might affect his future.

He’s practically a mustache-twirling villain now.

I’d Bring Wolverine Back to His Old Power Levels

Remember when shooting Wolverine would, you know, slow him down?

I’d bring Wolverine back to his older power levels, where he’d have to be a lot more creative with his attacks than just simply waltz in and get shot to pieces with it having little effect upon him.

I THOUGHT that was the point of Marc Guggenheim’s last (really weird) run on Wolverine, but in Jason Aaron’s (otherwise quite good, so far) run on Wolverine, he’s right back to shrugging off bullets like it’s nothing.

I’d Bring Conner Kent Back

Just call him Supernova or something like that!

He was a strong character, with a lot of connections around the DC Universe, and since he was a clone, he should be easy enough to bring back, so I’d bring Conner Kent back.

I’d Pick Some Other Character to be the Evil Head of Checkmate

Maxwell Lord was just appearing in Formerly Known as the Justice League, so I’d have picked some other old school DC character to be the SHOCKING bad guy in charge of Checkmate.

Heck, I think I’d even trade Ted Kord’s death for Maxwell Lord not being the bad guy.

I’d Have Kept Ben Reilly Alive

I don’t think there was anything WRONG with Ben Reilly.

He was a decent character, he was just unfortunately the sign of a bad era in Spider-Man comics.

Still, I don’t see what would have been the harm to just have someone definitively prove Ben is the clone, and then let Ben walk off into the sunset, to show up every once in awhile, and maybe die at some OTHER point in time.

I’d Have Kept D-Man Sane

I think that D-Man was a fairly noble superhero who had some enjoyable stories during Mark Gruenwald’s Captain America run.

I do not think he would have made a very good Avenger, but I enjoyed the fact that Captain America asked him.

Later on, I thought it was interesting to see him become a hero for the homeless (although I did not like the way it was played for laughs in early issues of Avengers Volume 3).

Therefore, I think there is enough interesting stories in the idea of a superhero for the homeless that I would not have made D-Man the psycho he was made into during Brian Michael Bendis’ Daredevil run. It was an ignoble result for a noble hero.

I’d Have Kept Happy Hogan Alive

Seriously, how lame was that?

It got, maybe, ONE good issue out of the Knauf’s Iron Man run, and that’s about it – and the cost is a character who had been an Iron Man cast member since the Silver Age?

I’d have skipped that, and just sent Happy off on a bus – maybe he could be stuck in a coma or something. You could tell the same basic story with Happy in a coma, can’t you?

I’d Have Kept Hardback Bock in the Bat-Books

One of the things that has always puzzled me was the decision to promote Hardback Bock OUT of the Bat-Books, and then replace him with Crispus Allen, who, while a good character himself, really did not present much more, character-wise, than Bock ever did.

Bock was a good character, and a nice tie to the “before No Man’s Land” Gotham, and a man who managed to get THROUGH No Man’s Land…and his reward is character limbo?

I think Bock deserved better, I think he deserved a role in Gotham Central.

I’d Bring Crystal Back to the Forefront of the Marvel Universe

I remember when Bob Harras first had Crystal join the Avengers – his take on her was quite apt, I thought – she was a unique personality in the sense that she was married to the mutant son of Magneto, she was involved with the Fantastic Four, she was an Inhuman and she was an Avenger – she was hooked into all parts of the Marvel Universe.

So why have we barely seen her since Onslaught?

I’d make her a bigger part of the Marvel universe – perhaps an Avenger again, perhaps not, but at least USE her.

I’d Keep the Titans Childless

Like Marvel, DC would prefer not to age their characters too much, and I think a major instance of this aging is when Donna Troy, Garth and Wally West, three sidekicks to Silver Age heroes, got married and had kids.

I’d have kept them childless. Marriage is one thing, but if the original members of the Justice League are suddenly old enough to be grandparents – then that just doesn’t really work, does it?

I’d Give Banshee’s Death Some More Meaning

Okay, I get it – to make Vulcan look really tough during X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Ed Brubaker (or editorial, whoever decided it) figured he had to kill off an X-Men cast member, and Banshee drew the short straw.

Fair enough – but then to have Banshee’s death be that he FAILED to save an airplane from crashing into the X-Men’s Blackbird?

I’d have avoided that, and let Banshee’s last act be one of saving the plane, but dying in the process. You get the same basic effect, as the whole “meaningless of death” thing that I presume they were going for was not worth it, in my estimation.

I’d Have Made Black Thorn Part of the Bat Books

Nunzio DeFillipis was planning a comic book, for a time, at DC where he would bring a bunch of different street-level vigilantes into Gotham City as a team.

One of his team members was Black Thorn.

I agree with him, I’d have brought Black Thorn into the Bat-Books myself. She fits right in, doesn’t she?


I’d at least bring her back in SOME book!

Maybe Checkmate?


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