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Into the back issue box #12

Well, I’m done with the Seven Soldiers stuff, so I can get back into my weekend routine, which includes reading comics from years ago and judging them harshly!  But then stupid Brad Curran comes along and steals my schtick!  Boo, Brad Curran!  However, he only looks at recent comics, whereas only I trawl deep into the dark recesses of the back issue boxes to find the true horror that lurks there!  So take that, Brad Curran!

And this week is no exception.  Dare you face the terror that hides below the fold?  We shall see …

(Oh, and you can always read what I’m doing with these posts here.  Sorry, long-time readers, but new people might wonder what the hell I think I’m doing.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #11

I skipped this last weekend, and I’m sure there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments because of it!  Well, fret not – I’m back, with yet another example of comic-book … well, I’d like to say goodness, but it’s always a crapshoot with these posts, isn’t it?????

(Hey, check out the ground rules for these posts here, if you’re new ’round these parts.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #10

Today’s question is: why does Marc Silvestri hate comic book fans?

(You know the drill by now: ground rules for these posts are here.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #9

This week: could it be?  A regular mainstream superhero book?  Why, yes it could!  But what?  WHAT?????

You can check out the ground rules for this little exercise here.  I link because I care! Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #8

For today’s selection, I have two horrifying words that should make you run screaming into the hills: Brian.  Pulido.  Brian!!!!  Pulido!!!!

(As always, read the ground rules here.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #7

This week – make the weirdness stop!!!!

(As usual, read this if you want to know what’s going on.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #6

If there was a definition of “kewl” in the dictionary, our latest entry would be pictured next to it!  (By the way, if you’re wondering what these posts are about, I added an entry explaining myself.  Go here and read all about it.) Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #5

What could it be? The masses gnash their teeth and rend their garments in anticipation! Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #4

(Greg sticks his head out of the bunker.)

Is it safe? Yes? Okay, then! Let’s delve deep, deep, deep into the back issue boxes for this week’s olde-school comicky entertainment! It’s hijinks in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #3

I doubt if anything could top the craptitude of last week’s entry, but you never know! That’s the beauty of selecting books at random. So let’s look at this week’s dark journey into the depths of the back issues … Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #2

Well, it’s time for another installment of the critically-lauded comics review series that dares to read books from the distant and not-so-distant past! Check out the ground rules for these posts here. Today’s random comic book is even more outre than Outsiders #12! What could it be …? Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box #1!

In the spirit of John Seavey’s Punk Comics Manifesto (which I don’t agree totally with, but I do think it’s a neat idea), I thought I would review one comic book every weekend. Now, this might not seem like much to you, but I also decided on some ground rules: Continue Reading »

Into the back issue box!

I decided to do a series of comic book reviews based loosely on John Seavey’s Punk Comics Manifesto, which is a fine idea even if I don’t totally agree with it.  Therefore, I set up some ground rules for these reviews:

I would go to the comic book store and buy a back issue completely at random.  I would go to one of the long boxes, close my eyes, and pick a comic out.  No matter what it was, I would buy it, with a few exceptions.  Of course, it can’t be totally random, because I would know vaguely where I was in the alphabet (if the store organizes its books in alphabetical order), but it would be close enough.

The exceptions would be minor: I can’t have read the book before, and it can’t be too expensive.  If I grab an old issue of Fantastic Four that costs 25 dollars, I’m probably going to put it back.  It’s just not worth it.

Then, I would read these books as if I were a first-time comic book reader.  Again, I can’t completely fake this, because I’m not a first-time comic book reader, but I want to examine these books in a way that a first-time reader might.  That is: does it tell a good story in that one issue; does it introduce the characters in a way that is not necessarily intrusive but would enable a first-time reader to get who everyone is; does it tell a complete story or at least make someone want to come back for more.  A comic shouldn’t necessarily tell a complete story in each issue, but if it doesn’t, it should grab the reader and make them want to read the rest.  If it’s not doing that, then what’s the point?  I am very interested in how accessible comics are to the new reader.  It seems like most comics rely far too heavily on repeat readers, ones who are already hooked, and that leaves new readers out of the loop.  And that can’t be good.

So every weekend I’ll have a new book to review.  Some will be good, some will be bad, some will be painful to read, some might inspire me to seek the rest of the series.  Who knows?  It should be fun.


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