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Joe Rice Media Review 4/19/07

For those three or four people still reading what I write here after I made fun of Harlan Ellison, welcome.  I hope at least one of you is female so you can repopulate the world that is my readership after this dreadful catastrophe.  I have always believed my readers are of good stock, so we shall soon breed a race of super nerds, able to ridicule and praise things on the internet with the power of 100 normal nerds.  Either that or we will kind of awkwardly look at each other and never make the first move.  WHICH SHALL IT BE, FOLKS? Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 4/9/07

OK, it’s obvious now.  I’m getting old.  I’ve been on Spring Break for, like, a week now?  And I clearly cannot live like I once did anymore (even when I have kinda-permission from my wife).  Today and yesterday were recovery days where the rest of the week finally caught up to me.  And what’s sad is that this was no epic debauchery about which tales will be told for generations.  I was out late, like, three nights in a row.  And then yesterday pops up with, “Hey, guess what, unexplainable sore scratchy throat!  And that tea your wife gets you to make it feel better, bless her heart, it’s gonna completely destroy your digestive system!”  Ah, the tales I could tell of the sounds, smells, and forms of matter that were released from me yesterday . . .but I guess instead I’ll talk about comics, movies, and the like.  So if at any point one of my reviews makes you upset, think to yourself, “He could be talking about diarrhea instead.” Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 4/2/07

Hey, guess what!  As an elementary school teacher, guess who has the next week-plus off!  It’s me!  I do!  Who’s still sitting in his PJs without a care in the world?  Also me!  Who has a gigantic stack of comics to review?  That one is not me.  I have a few, though, and even a movie!  And this week, 66% fewer potshots at Greg Burgas–GUARANTEED! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 3/3/07

Mostly superhero comics again this week, but certainly a wider variety in quality than last week.  A few very-well done books that take the genre and tell stories with interesting twists or characters you can actually feel.  And two more of increasingly bad quality.  And the best book of the week may be a surprise.

Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 2/26/07

A decidedly mainstream selection of books I got this week, but when it’s good mainstream work, what’s the difference?  The question, of course, is, “Is it good mainstream work?”  And blah blah blah introductory paragraph nonsense hoooba hooba heeba hee! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 1/24/07

You may have noticed that I did not write a column last week.  That is, if you were not struck blind by the list of awful comics Burgas reviews and enjoys for some reason.  I’m certain I had a good reason.  I just don’t remember what it was.  I was probably dabbling with the oscillating impregnatron; it requires only a few more calculations until it is ready.  Anyway, last week there was only one comic anyone needed to buy or read and so the lovely folks at Rocketship saved me a copy till this week.  AND NOW FIND OUT WHAT I THINK ABOUT THINGS!!!! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 1/11/07

There’s a lot of ones in this date.  I don’t like it.  Today I will review some comic books and also some other stuff.  It’s been a while since this was accurately titled as a media review.  I hope you comic folks don’t mind the rest of the arts intruding upon your domicile on the internet.  I do not want you to be angry at me. Continue Reading »

Happy New Joe Rice Media Review 1/6/07

Happy New Year and all that stuff.  I have two weeks of comics to tell you about.  You’ve gone too long without knowing for sure if something was good or not.  But you’ll have to wait a few seconds longer as you read this sentence and perhaps a few more.  Like this sentence, it needs to be read, too. Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 12/20/06

Hey, folks.  I doubt I’ll be around the next couple of weeks, because here in the civilized world, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and then the beginning of a new year around this time every year.  But maybe if you cross your fingers I’ll have time anyway while my wife bakes or whatever it is she does.  Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 12/13/06

Ooooooh . . .it’s Wednesday the 13th!  Spoooooky!  Well-known for being a time of awful, horrible comics!  And, while I’m sure there were hell-tons of them, I’m not going to review them.  So if you see someone review something that came out this week and I didn’t review it, all you need to know is that that comic was bad and if the reviewer disagrees they smell. Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 12/06/06

Argh, what a bad day at school. Due mostly to three individuals. It’s a sad day when people under the age of 13 can completely ruin your day. But good comics can redeem it. And there were some this week. Continue Reading »

The Joe Rice Media Review 11/15/06

Hey. Weird to be back. I bought some comic books. Most of them were good. In the next paragraphs I will attempt to describe why they were or were not good. I will also attempt to do so better than the other lame-asses at this blog. I mean, seriously, Cronin. What were you thinking? I know the loss of me, Alex, Teel, and the Grammar Police was tough on you. But, really? These guys? It’s like Mayberry RFD, or, more topically, the Detroit League. Here’s hoping I can class this place up a bit again. Continue Reading »


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