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Alex Maleev’s Back Pages

Every day this month I will share with you the first (at least as far as I know) U.S. professional work by a notable comic book creator. Here is an archive of the creators who have been featured so far.

Today’s featured creator is Alex Maleev!

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George Perez’s Back Pages

Welcome to the new second bit for March (A Month of LGBT Comics is the other bit)! I had this idea for a bit awhile back, but Travis Pelkie reminded me I should actually, you know, DO it via an e-mail suggestion a month or so ago. So thanks, Travis!

In any event, the idea for the bit is that I’ll share with you the first (or if not the first, very close to the first) American professional work by a notable comic book creator. It’ll be a barrell of laughs! The first honoree is the legendary George Perez! (here is an archive of the creators who have been featured so far)

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My Back Pages Archive

This is an archive of all the installments of the “My Back Pages” feature, which examines the first U.S. professional work by notable comic book creators.

Here are the creators featured so far…

1. George Perez

2. Alex Maleev

3. Doug Moench

4. Jason Aaron

5. Frank Miller

6. David Finch

7. Dwayne McDuffie

8. J.M. DeMatteis

9. Ivan Reis

10. Ron Garney

11. Steve McNiven

12. Mark Waid

13. Bill Mantlo

14. Paul Levitz

15. Chris Bachalo

16. Barry Windsor-Smith

17. Gail Simone

18. Steve Englehart

19. David Mazzucchelli

20. Bill Sienkiewicz

21. Denny O’Neil

22. J. Michael Straczynski

23. John Buscema

24. Stuart Immonen

25. Stan Lee

26. Warren Ellis

27. John Romita Jr.

28. John Romita Sr.

29. Chris Claremont

30. Kurt Busiek

31. Steve Ditko

32. Jack Kirby


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