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NANA Project #9 — Volumes 17 and 18

Greetings everyone!  This month, Melinda, Michelle and I return to discuss volumes 17 and 18 of NANA.  Michelle decides she likes Miu, Danielle has a Yasu-epiphany, and Melinda takes on Takumi and Reira’s dysfunctional relationship.

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Nana Project #8 — Volumes 15 and 16

Welcome back to the NANA project!  After a brief hiatus, Melinda, Michelle and I return to discuss volumes 15 and 16.  We tackle Yazawa’s view of popular art, Nana and Ren’s disintegrating relationship, and loving Nana in the past, present and future.

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Nana Project #7 — Volumes 13 and 14

Welcome back to the NANA project everyone!  This week we talk about three “controversial” couples that take center stage in volumes 13 and 14 of NANA.  Join us as Michelle puts on her detective’s cap, Melinda redeems “bad girl” Yuri, and Danielle gets fed up with whiny rock stars.
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NANA Project #6: Volumes 11 and 12

I’m happy to welcome everyone back after a brief hiatus from the NANA project!  We took a very interesting detour last time to discuss the various ways the NANA manga had been edited for the North American marketplace.  This time around, Melinda, Michelle and I discuss the new emotional status quo between Nana and Hachi in volumes 11 and 12, as well as each Nana’s perspective on love, marriage and personal commitment.

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NANA Project: Special

This time around we take a break from our usually scheduled NANA Project to discuss an instance of censorship in Viz’s release of Ai Yazawa’s NANA in the U.S.  Danielle tracks down the anime adaptation to find out what exactly has been cut from the manga, while Melinda theorizes about why these cuts might have been made and then we all discuss the challenges of adapting Japanese comics for the American marketplace.

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The NANA Project #5 — NANA volumes 9 and 10

This time around we all discuss the harsh world of fame, Melinda and I then subject the character of Yasu to relentless psychoanalysis, while Michelle awes us all with her new “hair theory” of NANA!  Let’s get to it, then…

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The NANA Project #4 — NANA volume 7 & 8

This time around we examine the one character decision that will transform the core relationship of NANA and then wonder if things could have turned out differently.  Also, Danielle gets her rant on and makes Michelle almost like Takumi.  Good times!

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The NANA Project #3 — Volumes 5 & 6

This month Melinda, Michelle and I return to talk about volumes 5 and 6 of Ai Yazawa’s NANA.  Topics on our agenda this time around: Is Trapnest hogging Blast’s spot-light (i.e. precious page-count)?  Reira, Reira, Reira — just the way she likes it!  And, of course, what exactly was Hachi thinking?

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The NANA Project #2 — Volumes 3 and 4

Once again Melinda, Michelle and I return to discuss NANA!  This time around, we cover the book’s point-of-view character, as well as Yazawa’s take on infidelity and relationships, and even discuss why Hachi should not be comparing Shin to a malted drink.  Ever.

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The NANA Project #1 — Volumes 1 & 2

Today I’m pleased to announce first installment of the NANA Project, where Melinda Beasi (Tokidoki Daylight CSBG contributor), Michelle Smith (Blue Moon Reviews CSBG contributor), and I discuss one of our favorite shojo manga titles of all time.  Each month I ask Melinda and Michelle questions about two volumes of NANA (no spoilers for later volumes!) and we discuss the two Nanas and their friends and lovers to our hearts’ content.

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