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Snark Blocker – The Greatest Cover That Never Was!

Back when I was doing the Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time, more than once I had someone suggest a certain Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson cover that is one of the most iconic Batman images of all-time.

The thing is – it’s not a cover! It was a pin-up!

The actual pin-up is a bit tough to find out there on the interwebs, so I thought I’d share it with you all right here, because I love you all and I like to block your snark.

So enjoy, from Detective Comics #352, by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, here’s Batman and Robin!

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Snark Blocker – Two Cool Scenes of People Defending Bridges…

What’s cooler than a cool character defending a bridge from an onslaught of bad guys?

TWO cool characters defending bridges from an onslaught of bad guys!

From The Mighty Thor #362 (written and drawn by Walt Simonson) and Starman (Volume 2) #11 (written by James Robinson and drawn by Matthew Smith), enjoy….two cool scenes of people defending bridges!!!
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Snark Blocker – Nextwave Double-Page Spreads

In the penultimate issue of Nextwave (#11), the team finds itself forced to fight through various hordes of bizarre villains to get to where they need to go.

Writer Warren Ellis and artist Stuart Immonen chose to depict these various battles as a series of SIX double-page spreads in a row!

It looks amazing – Immonen just goes nuts here with awesomeness.

So click on read more to enjoy the SIX double-page spreads of greatness (click on each spread to enlarge)!!

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Snark Blocker – Batman is a People Person?

While it is hard to imagine, how else can you explain the guy meeting up with pretty much every fictional character out there?

Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Other Cool Comic Advent Calendars!

Dave is doing another one this year.

So is Scott (he has a pretty sweet layout this year)!

And for a new one I did not mention last time around, Brendan McKillip is also doing one this year!

Also, Jon’s Random Acts of Geekery has one!

If you know of anyone else doing a comic book advent calendar in 2008, let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

Snark Blocker – Mike Zeck’s G.I. Joe Covers!

Prepare yourself – this much testosterone may be bad for your health.

Otherwise, enjoy! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Herblock Takes on Every President Since Hoover!

Herb “Herblock” Block had just so many great comic strips I could not fit them all in, and one thing I ended up omitting was the fact that, due to his longevity, the man produced cartoons caricaturing every United States President since Herbert Hoover!!

I figured, though, that that was far too cool NOT to mention, so, well, here ya go!

Enjoy the following comics of each President since Hoover… Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Happy Meal

Okay, let’s try this again!

I present to you, courtesy of artist Emiko Iwasaki, Happy Meal… Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Mid-Ohio Con Posters!

Check out the following Mid-Ohio Con posters by John Byrne and Chris Giarrusso (after Byrne).

They’re awesome! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – The Cutest Porn Comics Ever

Awhile back, when featuring Colleen Coover in the Month of Art Stars, I mentioned her early comic book work on the Eros Comics lesbian porn comic, Small Favors.

Well, I thought the covers were so great that I felt I had to share all of them with you all.

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Michael Golden Draws the Marvel Universe

Here are two excellent classic drawings by Michael Golden of a whole pile of Marvel superheroes from the early 1980s!

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Snark Blocker – Amalgam Comics!

Here a series of covers from a simpler time…the mid 1990s. In 1996 and 1997, DC and Marvel released a week’s worth of comics called Amalgam Comics, which were made up of a mixture of DC and Marvel characters. They got a number of their top creators at the time to work on the projects, and the results were mostly quite fun.

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Snark Blocker EXTRA!

Reader Scavenger has made his case for what the song of the Superman/Batman/Robin “day off” montage should be – he made a YouTube video with his selection!

Check it out here!

Snark Blocker – A Day In the Life

For today’s Snark Blocker, I want you to imagine the following fifteen World’s Finest covers scrolling by you as though they were part of a montage of events that Superman, Batman and Robin got up to one day on their day off.

Next, come up with a song that would accompany the montage!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker: Rarely Viewed First Issues

For today’s snark blocker, I thought it would be fun to take a look see at the first issues of some notable titles, titles where we normally don’t look at their first issues.

It’ll be a hoot (thanks to the Grand Comic Book Database for the covers)!

So enjoy! Continue Reading »


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