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Snark Blocker – Face Front, True Believers!

Here is every one of DC’s superhero title stunt of December 1997, where practically all of their superhero titles had a full face figure on the front of the cover of each book!

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Snark Blocker – Jigsaw Comic Book Logos!

This bit will help block the snark by being soooo bizarre that it blocks the snark!

Here, then, are ten new comic book logos made up entirely of words from OTHER comic book logos!

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Snark Blocker – Steranko Cap Double-Pagers

In the late 60s, Jim Steranko did a mere three issues of Captain America. But boy, were they three remarkable issues of Captain America. What follows are three double-page spreads by Steranko – he managed to do a double-page spread in each issue of Captain America he did (#110,111 and 113). Click on the images to enlarge!

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Snark Blocker – Leap Day Edition – Cool Quantum Leap Covers!!

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

To celebrate, check out these awesome Quantum Leap covers by C. Winston Taylor! Talk about a premise that is tailor-made for comic books!!

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Snark Blocker – Comic Book Alphabet!

Enjoy this utter silliness, devoid of any intellectual merit! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker: DC’s Full Coverage!

Back in December of 2001, DC Comics came up with an interesting stunt – they would have almost all their superhero titles all have the same cover motif of having the title of the book worked into the cover artwork, so that there would be no logo needed. Some books did a really nice job of doing so, some did not as good of a job. In either event, it is certainly a fun thing to look at, so enjoy! Continue Reading »

Snark Blocker – Archie and the Shield Together!

As you may or may not know, Archie Andrew debuted as a backup in MLJ’s Pep Comics, which starred MLJ’s biggest character, the Shield. However, the Shield would not remain MLJ’s biggest character, as that honor would soon belong to Archie Andrews, who became so popular that MLJ changed the name of their entire company to Archie Comics.

However, for a small period in time before Archie took over Pep from the Shield, the two shared the cover, and it is a bizarre, but highly amusing part of comic book history, and I think you’ll enjoy it, as your snark will melt away by the sheer oddity of it all.

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Snark Blocker – MORE Advent Calendars!

Here’s another fun way to block some snark – check out the other cool advent calendars out there!

Dave Carter has his Christmas Cover Advent Calendar up at Yet Another Comic Blog.

Scott has his Christmas Cover Advent Calendar up, as well, over at Polite Dissent.

Richard Marcej is doing a similar countdown to my “Best Marvel and DC Covers of 2007,” with his countdown of his 25 favorite toys he has received at Christmas over the years. Check it out here!

If you know of any other comic-related Advent Calendars out there (or at least sorta related ones, like Richard’s), let me know!!

Snark Blocker – Keith Giffen’s Legion Poster

I know a lot of folks were asking for it, so here it is, courtesy of the good folks over at Legion World.

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Snark Blocker – Halloween Edition!!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Today, we’re going to block snark, Halloween-style, with an onslaught of awesome Halloween comic book covers!! We’ve got FIVE Tim Sale Batman Halloween covers, FOUR Bugs Bunny Halloween covers, TWO Little Lulu Halloween covers, a Franklin Richards cover, a Tick cover and SEVEN Treehouse of Horror covers!!

Feel the snark melting away, like the flesh off of a vampire at dawn?

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Snark Blocker for 8/8

Last year, I shared a Snark Blocker filled with awesome diptychs and quadtychs (and sometimes even BIGGER than quadtychs!). You can find the first one here.

As many as a I showed, there are still plenty I missed, so here are some more, for your snark blocking pleasure!! Continue Reading »

Christmas Snark Blocker!

For this Christmas, as a snark blocker, I am going to share with you my list of the Top Fifteen Christmas Comic Book Covers, that I originally posted on the old blog last Christmas.

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Snark Blocker for 11/21 – Updated With New Images!

Here, for your snark blocking pleasure, are a bunch of diptych and triptych covers!!

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Snark Blocker for 11/9

Here, for your snark blocking pleasure, are the two posters made from Promethea #32, drawn by J.H. Williams III.

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