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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 10-16 February 2013

This week: More than last week! Better than last week? You’ll have to read on to find out!
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Sunday brunch: Links for 3-9 February 2013

For some reason, I didn’t find many links this week. I don’t know why – I looked at the usual suspects, but there just didn’t seem to be a ton of interesting stuff out in Internetland. Sorry! But there are some interesting links below the cut, if you’re so inclined to look.
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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 27 January-2 February 2013

What do you want? LINKS! When do you want them? NOW! Is there some sort of big football contest today? Don’t watch that – check out some links!
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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 20-26 January 2013

It’s another week of links! I could probably have more of these, but we should not gorge ourselves – that’s not good for anyone!
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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 6-12 January 2013

I decided to revive Bill Reed’s “Sunday Brunch” link-post because I was going to do a link-post and thought he had a perfectly good name lying around and he hasn’t been using it. So if Bill wants the name back, I’ll be happy to give it to him, but for now, let’s check out some links! Some of these are comic-related, but there’s also some pop culture stuff in there too. Some weeks I may have more, some less, but this is what I found interesting across the wacky World Wide Web this week!
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Sunday Brunch: 4/22/12

What’s this? Could it be? Is this the return of Bill linking to cool stuff he found on the comics internet in an attempt to pass procrastination off as content? Why, maybe.

Below the fold: Art, writing, cool stuff, brief musings, and other things other people have created on the comics internet recently.

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Charlie Sheen vs. Comics: The Definitive Guide

Despite civil unrest and political strife in various nations, and a recent natural disaster, there remains one news story that towers above all the rest, and has caused all the world’s people to band together in solidarity– yes, I’m speaking of Charlie Sheen’s continual public meltdown, which has provided a seemingly endless series of new and increasingly bizarre stories delivered to us instantaneously by our ceaseless media. With Sheen himself using the internet’s powers to accelerate his own apparent self-destruction– an explosive one, not implosive– citizens of every nation with an accessible modem have joined together to say “Yes, this man is a wild and craaazy guy!” Naturally, the artists and visionaries working within the medium of comics have made their voices heard as well. Therefore, I bring you the world’s most comprehensive guide to comics’ response to the Sheen meme– a Sheenday Brunch, if you will. Dive into the rabbit hole with me, my friends, and find out who is “winning,” who is “bi-winning,” and who is “Two-and-a-Half-winning.”

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Sunday Continental Breakfast: 2/13/11

Your regularly-scheduled Brunch has been sent to Aunt Mabel’s farm for a while, whilst other projects take shape. That said, here’s a few neat links anyway…

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Sunday Brunch: 2/6/11

Your weekly-ish survey of the news, criticism, and art, sequential or otherwise, found on the comics internet. I hope you’re taking good notes, because there will be a quiz.

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Sunday Brunch: 1/30/11

The comics internet, in Dagwood sandwich form. (One bite! I dare you!)

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Sunday Brunch: 1/23/10

WHITHER THE COMICS CODE? So DC and Archie, the last bastions of the Comics Code Authority, have dropped the seal’s use entirely. Which begs the question, hopefully for an actual comics journalist to answer: Who was the Comics Code Authority? Where was this self-governing body headquartered, who was on it, and what will they do now? As something that’s existed for something like 60 years, you’d think we’d know more about it. Sure, we know what created it, but how has it been maintained these many years? What caused its complete loss of power (the direct market, I presume)? How will it be remembered?

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Sunday Brunch: 1/9/11

In which the author gives himself an existential crisis about the state of pop culture, and also links to a picture of a bear eating a space ninja

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Sunday Brunch: 12/26/10

Below the fold: presents left under the tree, stocking stuffer stuff, aired grievances, and other secular, nondenominational metaphors for stuff I found on the comics internet.

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Sunday Brunch: 12/12/10

More like Sunday Continental Breakfast. A light week, with a selection of webcomics, art, and criticism for your reading pleasure.

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