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Travis writes about Henchgirl!

henchgirl2 (2)

Yes, it’s time once again for Travis Pelkie to take over the blog, as he asked if he could write about Henchgirl, a comic by Kristen Gudsnuk. It’s sort of a review, but it’s also an interview with Gudsnuk, so enjoy!
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Ten questions with Arvid Nelson

Well hello there. Not only can I review an Arvid Nelson comic before it comes out, but I can get some answers from the man himself about his work! Won’t that be fun?
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Ten questions with A. David Lewis

My next batch of questions is with A. David Lewis, whose graphic novel The Lone and Level Sands was re-released in color recently (I reviewed it here, if you’re interested), and who has a short mini-series (two issues), Empty Chamber, coming out soon.  He’s also going to be a doctor in the not-to-distant future, so you know he’s erudite.  Let’s check out what he has to say! Continue Reading »

Ten questions with Kieron Gillen

I decided to try my hand at interviewing comic book creators, because I noticed a few of them dropping by the site. So I figured that everyone likes publicity, so why not ask them questions about their work? Kieron Gillen, writer of Phonogram, is my very first victim! So read on, and please forgive my poorly-thought-out questions. I never said I was Mike Wallace! Continue Reading »


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