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Spotlight on Caanan Grall at NYCC

One of our own resident The Line It Is Drawn artists, Caanan Grall, had a lot of cool stuff to show from his time at New York Comic Con, including the print release of his comic for Zuda, Celadore!!

Read more to see some awesome sketches he did at the con (including one our own Kelly Thompson will certainly appreciate) plus sample pages from Celadore!!

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This Artist Is Good – Kurt Mitchell

My buddy Kurt Mitchell recently scanned some of the various comic sketches he has done over the years, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you all, as Kurt does some very strong work (almost all the sketches are in ballpoint pen, which makes the quality that much more impressive).

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This Artist Is Good – Bret Taylor

I thought it worthwhile to show off the nice work of an artist I know, Bret Taylor.

Here’s a neat little description of Bret:

Bret lives and drinks in the beautiful city of Vancouver, where he also pays the rent with freelance graphic design work. He’s been drawing and painting his whole life, and hopes to someday get rich at it.

And he’s not interested in doing portraits of babies.

With that being said, let’s look at some cool artwork! Continue Reading »

This Artist is Good – Frank D’Armata

I feel weird using a term like “underrated” to describe Frank D’Armata, as he certainly isn’t underrated IN the industry, as Brian Michael Bendis asked for him specifically when beginning his Avengers run. However, when the list of “top colorists” get bandied about, D’Armata is rarely mentioned, and I think that’s a shame, for I think he is one of the top colorists working in the industry, as I will hopefully point out to you folks here, if you didn’t already know. Continue Reading »


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