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This Comic Is Good – Smoke and Guns

On the inside front cover of Smoke and Guns, the new graphic novel from AiT/Planet Lar, there is the following quote from the series, “That’s it. Nobody shoots my shoes.” That quote was an excellent choice to place there, as it sums up the spirit and style of this comic perfectly. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Adventure Classics

Tom Pomplun sent me a copy of the latest collection of Eureka Productions‘ Graphic Classics series (Volume Twelve, to be precise), Adventure Classics, and I am really glad that he did, because it is a wonderful collection. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories

A few months back, I said here, in reference to DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories, “Who made a deal with the Devil so that we got something so freaking cool?!!?!?”

And having read the book, my question still stands. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Flytrap: Juggling Act

Flytrap – “Juggling Act” is a mini-comic by Steve Leiber (art) and Sara Ryan (story) about a woman who becomes the manager of a travelling circus (called the Flytrap Circus, natch).

This mini-comic details how Maddy becomes the manager (future mini-comics will detail her misadventures with the group).

It is quite good. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Street Angel

Yes, I already recommended Street Angel here, but that was per reader request, and anyhow, what I am recommending today is the Street Angel trade paperback, which is a whole other animal. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – The Originals

Really, Dave Gibbons may be one of the more underappreciated comic creators out there.

Talk to any big name writer out there, and they’ll gush over how great he is, not only as an artist, but as a storyteller.

And yet, he is still mainly known just as “The guy who drew Watchmen.”

That is a shame, because he is conistently one of the best writers (forget his awesome art) in comics today. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Pounded

A line I find myself using often is the following, “This book/movie/comic/TV show took a different approach, but often, there’s a good reason why so many other writers in the past avoided this approach.”

Brian Wood’s Pounded (with art by Steve Rolston) takes a different approach.

But in this case, I believe it pays off. Continue Reading »

This Comic is Good – Justice League: A New Beginning

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear that Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire are teaming up to do a mini-series (and if this does well, an ongoing!) about the Defenders.

I lurv these guys.

So much so that the classic trade that I am recommending today is Justice League: A New Beginning, by the same creative team. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Ultra

This book just came out with a new issue this week. It is a title from Image Comics titled Ultra.

Ultra is about three female friends, in their early-mid 20s who are, oddly enough, superheroes.

In this universe, the way superhero works is that each superhero signs with a “company,” where they make money through the endorsement deals, etc. that the companies sign them to.

For some reason, there are separate companies for male and female heroes.

In any event, in the first issue, the three friends get their fortunes read, and the fortunes send them off on a quest for, well, basically love.

It’s a really rough comparison (as I am not a fan of the show), but this BASICALLY is a “Sex In The City For Superheroes” comic book.

But it is so much better than that. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Safe Area Gorazde

One of the less well-known areas of comic work is the area of comic journalism.

This is what Joe Sacco does, and he does it amazingly with Safe Area Gorazde: The War In Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995. Continue Reading »

This Comic Is Good – Adam Strange

My choice today is Adam Strange, by DC Comics.

Written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Paschual Ferry, this comic is the kind of book we all want to see.

There’s great art by Ferry, possibly the best art of his career (I think this is basically in keeping with his similarly great art on the Super-titles, but I know my pal Tadhg thinks this is his best work ever).

But the main star of this story is Andy Diggle’s view of Adam Strange.

Adam Strange, as you may or may not know, is not a superpowered person, per se. He has no visible powers.

His only “power” is his ingenuity. Continue Reading »


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