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This Fan Is Good – Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag

Laura Gjovaag is the proprietor of the comic blog, Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog.

I saw that she was feeling a bit down (due to some physical problems), so I thought it only right to point out how awesome she is to hopefully cheer her up!

Our own Bill Reed is a gigantic Aquaman fan – but I’m afraid no one can compare to Laura when it comes to being an Aquaman fan, as she is definitely the tops.

Currently, she is reading through (and blogging about) every single Aquaman comic appearance ever!! Here is the category for it on her blog (she’s calling the series Ripples Through Time).

Go read Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog this instant!

This Fan Was Good – Todd Crossman

I first came across Todd Crossman on the old Prodigy bulletin boards, back in 1992. Todd was a really nice fellow, and we had similar interests in comics. We even corresponded a bit beyond just the internet – I think I sent him a Zero Hour tie-in issue he needed once. At the time, Todd’s son, Dylan, would also post on the comic boards. I think they more or less shared the online name “Zylly” (that could be wrong – it’s been more than ten years, I can’t be sure about that one ;)). Todd was sure proud of Dylan. The Prodigy boards basically fell apart around 1997 when Prodigy became defunct, and I did not have much contact with Todd after that.

About a year and a half ago, I got a message from Todd over at Comic Book Resources. He had looked me up and tracked me to CBR. He apparently had found a new online “home” at Geoff Johns’ board over at ComicBloc (Geoff Johns would be, like, the perfect writer for Todd based on what I knew of his tastes), but Todd also started posting at CBR, as well. He was now going by the name “Zylly’s Dad,” as I suppose Dylan was now “Zylly.” The first thing he told me as we caught up was, of course, to tell me about Dylan, and how well he was doing at college.

Today’s the one-year anniversary of Todd’s passing. Here is Todd’s website, where he kept some poems he had written, as well as some artwork he had picked up over the years, going to conventions with Dylan. In losing Todd, we lost one of the best comic fans I have known.

This Fan Is Good – Carol A. Strickland

The internet has always amazed me as being this astonishingly awesome reservior of ideas. And for an information junkie such as myself, it is practically TOO much coolness.

I have been known, on occasion, to spend more than a hour perusing, like, Omega Men indexes, or some other such nonsense – just because it is THERE.

All that info and knowledge…and it’s available to me – for FREE!

Tooo awesome.

In any event, one of the things you find when you do enough internet browsing is that there are some fans out there who just put a lot more work into their efforts than others, and I think here is as good a place as any to draw attention to them. The fans who do such great work being resources of information and knowledge for the rest of us comic aficionados out there.

The first fan I want to recognize is Carol A. Strickland. Continue Reading »


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