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Thoughts on the Legends of Tomorrow Pilot

I watched the pilot of the new CW DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series, and I have some thoughts!
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Thoughts on Steve Rogers’ Return as Captain America

Tonight, Marvel announced that Steve Rogers is returning as Captain America soon in his own new series, Steve Rogers: Captain America. So, let’s process the news!
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Thoughts on the Deadpool Trailer

Fox has officially released the red band R-rated trailer for Deadpool, as well as the regular trailer. Check them both out and then I’ll give you some thoughts…

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Thoughts on All-New X-Men #40 and Whether Flawed Characters are a Sign of Flawed Writing

Today, Marvel releases All-New X-Men #40, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mahmud Asrar, a comic that contains a major event in the lives of one of the time-displaced teenage members of the original X-Men.

This event has drawn a good deal of praise from fans, but also a lot of criticism. I’d like to take on one particular piece of criticism, so read on to see what I’m talking about (SPOILERS for All-New X-Men #40 ahed!).
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Thoughts on the New Supergirl Costume

So, Warner Brothers TV has released the first images of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and, well, they’re quite cool looking, really.


Benoist really looks the part! The only issue I really have is the lack of yellow in the S but eh, that’s a minor point. Read on for a closer look at the S.
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Thoughts on Last Night’s Oliver and Felicity Scene

Last night’s episode of Arrow had an ending that definitely had fans talking. Read on for my thoughts on it…
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Thoughts on the Atom’s Costume on Arrow

Today, the CW released the first look at Brandon Routh in costume as The Atom.


First off, I LOVE that they’re keeping the atom symbol on his forehead. Awesome.

I like the use of the A in the middle of the chest. One of the annoying elements of the new Ant-Man costume is that there is really no purpose behind the chest design (the original Jack Kirby design was meant to emulate the look of an ant – that’s missing from the Rudd costume). Here, at least, there is some reason for the A on his chest.

I am not a big fan of how bulky it all looks, but I imagine that that might be a case where the costume will be more streamlined as things progress. The same likely goes for the face guard. I find it hard to believe that that will remain just an open face mask.

All in all, it’s definitely a fine start (just hoping that it isn’t the finish line on the costume design).

Thoughts on the New Captain America

On Monday, Marvel will announce who the new Captain America will be (with the current Captain America, Steve Rogers, currently out of action due to events in Rick Remender’s run on the title).


The answer is pretty much a given, as there’s about a 99.9999% chance that it will be a certain character. Read on for the spoilers of which character it will be and why I think it’s about damn time (also, regarding spoilers, the link above also pretty much spoils it, as well).
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Thoughts on Charlie Cox Being Cast as Daredevil

So it is now official, Charlie Cox has been cast as Matt Murdock in the upcoming Daredevil TV series on Netflix. I think that this is awesome news, as I really enjoyed Cox’s performance on Boardwalk Empire and he definitely seemed like the type of guy who could handle his own show and he’s still unknown enough that you don’t have that weird thing where an actor is too famous to separate them from their previous roles.

Good job, Marvel Studios (or whoever is doing the hiring on these things. Disney? )!

Thoughts on the New 52 Debut of Helena Bertinelli

In an interview with Vaneta Rogers, Tim Seeley and Tom King reveal that Dick Grayson’s partner in his new career as a spy in Grayson is none other than the New 52 version of Helena Bertinelli, the Post-Crisis/pre-New 52 Huntress. The last time we heard that name in the New 52, the current Huntress (the pre-Crisis/new-52 Huntress), Helena Wayne, was using that identity and noting that the original Helena Bertinelli was dead. Obviously, we now know that to not be the case.

King and Seeley describe her:

King: This is the New 52 appearance of the new Helena Bertinelli.

Seeley: Yeah, it’s not Helena Wayne, the Huntress. It’s Helena Bertinelli.

King: She’s an amazing spy. She’s definitely better than Dick; he has to learn from her.

I’m a bit torn on this. On the one hand, I enjoyed Helena Bertinelli as a character and I was disappointed when it appeared as though she was dead in the new 52. However, at the same time, it wasn’t so much “Helena Bertinelli” that I liked so much as Helana Bertinelli as the Huntress. Helena Bertinelli as just a super spy might very well be a cool character, but one thing I have had a slight problem with the New 52 so far is the habit of using old names for new characters that have little to nothing to do with the original characters. For instance, Richard Dragon in Green Arrow.

It seems counter-intuitive to try to introduce new characters to make things fresh but also to use old names just, for what, an odd piece of nostalgia? “Remember Richard Dragon? He was cool. Now I’ll be more interested in this new Richard Dragon who has little to nothing in common with the old Richard Dragon!”

Let’s hope that the new Helena Bertinelli is basically the old Helena Bertinelli just without being the Huntress!

Remember when Huntress and Nightwing hooked up? I thought Devin Grayson did a great job with that mini-series. I was looking forward to her taking on Nightwing’s solo series after Chuck Dixon left. Man, how wrong was I?

Thoughts on the Upcoming Justice League Movie

As you may or may not have heard, Zack Snyder is apparently going to be directing a Justice League film in 2018.

On the one hand, it is definitely great to see a Justice League film. On the other hand, I am wary about both A. It being an extension of the Man of Steel universe and B. It being another Zack Snyder film.

Clearly, DC is pretty much doing the opposite of Marvel’s approach, where they had individually successful films and then combined the characters into one film. Instead, we’re going to introduce the Justice League in a Superman vs. Batman film and then have the Justice League follow from that.

My concern with that is that if you’re introducing these characters as supporting characters in another person’s movie, it seems to diminish their importance and thus all you GET is a Justice League movie, rather than a Wonder Woman movie or a Flash movie or another Green Lantern movie.

And as for Snyder, I’d prefer to see a unique take on the team film rather than an extension of the Snyder films, because then you’re putting a whooooole of your eggs in just Snyder’s basket.

Thoughts on the Return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man…

So Peter Parker will be the Amazing Spider-Man once again in a brand-new Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April.

Last year, when Otto Octavius took over as Spider-Man, we ran a poll. The question was simple – How long do you feel the new “Superior Spider-Man” status quo will last?

32.8% of the respondents (7,444 votes cast) said that it would be finished by Superior Spider-Man #12 and 39.8% of the respondents said that it would be finished by Superior Spider-Man #24. So with a bi-weekly shipping schedule, essentially 72.6% of the voters said that it wouldn’t last a year.

Obviously, they were slightly wrong, as Peter will be returning after the finish of the Goblin War storyline in Superior Spider-Man.

Which is fair enough, it was certainly fair to guess 24 issues (or less). However, most of the people guessed incorrectly. And yet all I see in response to the news is “Obviously Peter was going to return.” Or something to that effect. Yes, I think it is fair to say that it was obvious that Otto Octavius would not remain Spider-Man forever. In addition, the whole “Peter will return by Amazing Spider-Man 2’s release” made perfect sense.

However, I think that Marvel STILL surprised people with how they handled the situation, as seen by the fact that 72.6% of 7,444 readers thought Peter would be back by now. So let’s give Marvel some credit here. They took something “obvious” and STILL surprised people with it.

Thoughts on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Well, we finally have a Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot has been signed to portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film.

Gadot is best known for her performance as Gisele in the last three Fast and Furious movies.


Gisele was a strong, tough character and Gadot played her well. I think this is a great fit for Wonder Woman.

Thoughts On DC Comics Leaving New York City

When DC Entertainment was first announced, many were wondering just how long DC Comics would maintain a presence in New York City. Well, the other shoe has officially dropped and DC Comics will be moving the whole company to California in 2015.

Besides my concern over the various workers who will now have to make a decision of leaving New York or leaving DC, it is also a sad reminder of the changing nature of the publishing industry. It used to be that you couldn’t NOT have a company based in New York City and now it seems to be more the exception than the rule. I certainly don’t begrudge DC for the decision, as it likely DOES make more sense for the company to be centralized together in one place and that place was clearly going to eventually be California, but still, I’ll hope you can all forgive me for being at least a little nostalgic about this change.

Thoughts on the New Silver Surfer Series

First off, I’ve been hoping for a new Silver Surfer ongoing series for quite a long time, so right off the bat, I am pleased that Marvel is finally trying another one (it’s been way too long since they last tried out a traditional ongoing Surfer series).

Secondly, the creative team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred? That’s awesome.

Thirdly, while it is an awesome creative team, it is sad to know that FF is coming to an end. Allred was doing such an amazing job on that title.

Fourthly, Slott’s idea of teaming Surfer up with a “normal” Earth woman sounds pretty darn neat.

Read on to see the awesome full cover…
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