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Thoughts on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Well, we finally have a Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot has been signed to portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film.

Gadot is best known for her performance as Gisele in the last three Fast and Furious movies.


Gisele was a strong, tough character and Gadot played her well. I think this is a great fit for Wonder Woman.

Thoughts On DC Comics Leaving New York City

When DC Entertainment was first announced, many were wondering just how long DC Comics would maintain a presence in New York City. Well, the other shoe has officially dropped and DC Comics will be moving the whole company to California in 2015.

Besides my concern over the various workers who will now have to make a decision of leaving New York or leaving DC, it is also a sad reminder of the changing nature of the publishing industry. It used to be that you couldn’t NOT have a company based in New York City and now it seems to be more the exception than the rule. I certainly don’t begrudge DC for the decision, as it likely DOES make more sense for the company to be centralized together in one place and that place was clearly going to eventually be California, but still, I’ll hope you can all forgive me for being at least a little nostalgic about this change.

Thoughts on the New Silver Surfer Series

First off, I’ve been hoping for a new Silver Surfer ongoing series for quite a long time, so right off the bat, I am pleased that Marvel is finally trying another one (it’s been way too long since they last tried out a traditional ongoing Surfer series).

Secondly, the creative team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred? That’s awesome.

Thirdly, while it is an awesome creative team, it is sad to know that FF is coming to an end. Allred was doing such an amazing job on that title.

Fourthly, Slott’s idea of teaming Surfer up with a “normal” Earth woman sounds pretty darn neat.

Read on to see the awesome full cover…
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Thoughts on the new Captain Marvel series.

One of the things I was a bit worried about with the announcements of all the new Marvel series (which I am in general quite pumped about) was that I was afraid that Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel series was going to be overlooked a bit. However, luckily today Marvel announced that they are going to relaunch DeConnick’s Captain Marvel series with a brand-new series with a great artist, David Lopez. I am glad that they are committed to this title, as it has been a very fun book.

Read on for a look at Leinil Yu’s cover for the new #1!
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Thoughts on the New Ghost Rider

Back in Jason Aaron’s great (if relatively brief) run on Ghost Rider, he introduced the concept of other types of Ghost Riders through the years, like a trucker Ghost Rider and a elephant-riding Ghost Rider. Well, Marvel has fully embraced this idea with the newest Ghost Rider ongoing series by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, with the new Ghost Rider being Robbie Reyes, an East Los Angeles high school senior who will be a Ghost Rider in a CAR. Very cool. Not to mention that it is nice to see some diversity from Marvel in their new characters.

I like the idea of embracing the concept of multiple usages of characters, like Johnny Blaze’s traditional Ghost Rider being a member of Thunderbolts while they try out this new character in his own series. And while I’m not familiar with Smith’s work, Moore is an awesome artist so I am definitely looking forward to this title.

Thoughts on the Return of Stephanie Brown to the DC Universe

One of the biggest reactions from fans to NYCC news has been Scott Snyder announcing Stephanie Brown’s return to the DC Universe in the pages of the new Batman weekly series, Batman: Eternal.

And on the one hand, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly pleased, as well. I definitely enjoyed both Chuck Dixon’s work with Stephanie as Spoiler and Bryan Q. Miller’s work with Stephanie as Batgirl (Grant Morrison also did a really good job with her in Batman Incorporated). However, the excitement of the character’s return sort of speaks to something I’ve always had a bit of a hard time understanding, which is the exaltation of a character over a character as written by a specific creator. Continue Reading »

Thoughts on the Return of Miracleman!

I can’t help but imagine that the Top 100 Storylines list (that you can vote on right here) and last year’s Top 100 Comic Book Runs list wouldn’t be noticeably different had people had easy access to Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman’s Miracleman stories that have been stuck out of print for two decades. So Marvel finally being able to reprint the Miracleman work of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman is major news and when you toss in Neil Gaiman finishing his aborted run on the book? One of the biggest and coolest announcements from New York Comic Con so far.

Question, though, do you think Marvel will end all of this with the addition of Miracleman to the Marvel Universe, a la Angela joining the Marvel Universe (through one of those pesky temporal rifts from the Age of Ultron)? Or do you think that they’ll keep the Miracleman line separate?

EDITED TO ADD: My pal Third Man suggests it is only Neil Gaiman’s work that is being reprinted, so I edited the piece accordingly.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Tom Brevoort has confirmed that they are reprinting the ENTIRE run, Moore included! Awesomeness!

Thoughts on the Return of Quantum and Woody by Priest and Bright!

I’ll admit, the fact that the new Quantum and Woody reboot wasn’t by Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright really squelched a lot of my enthusiasm for the return of those characters, even though I enjoy the work of the writer and the artist on the new series (James Asmus and Tom Fowler, respectively). It just didn’t seem right to not have those two guys involved in Quantum and Woody. So now that Valiant is going to have Priest and Bright do a new Quantum and Woody mini-series set in the old continuity I am totally pumped.

The early looks at the new pages from the mini-series look good….
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A few spoiler-filled questions about The Dark Knight Rises, with spoilers!

Yes, I’m probably the last comic book fan on the planet to see this movie, but I did yesterday, and I have questions! So, yeah, SPOILERS ahead. I’m totally serious, here, people!
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Thoughts on DC’s Re-Organization of the “New 52″

As you might have heard by now, DC made a pretty clear statement today about how they will be handling the “DC Universe” in the foreseeable future. Their ongoing comics appear to be limited to 52 ongoings at a time, so if they launch a new title, that means a current title has to come to an end.

They are launching six new titles: Batman Incorporated, Dial H, Justice Society of America, World’s Finest, Ravagers and GI Combat.

Therefore, the six canceled titles are: OMAC, Mister Terrific, Static Shock, Men of War, Blackhawks and Hawk and Dove.

A few notes about these various moves…

1. When DC launched the new 52, they made a point to stress the diversity of the line. So it is notable that of the six canceled titles, they include two of their three titles starring African-American leads (four counting their African lead, Batwing) and their only Asian-American lead character.

2. With Justice Society and World’s Finest (which will star the Earth-2 Huntress and Power Girl), we also have total confirmation that Earth-2 exists. That should be interesting. It is cool to see Paul Levitz get a shot to write the original Huntress. And George Perez and Kevin Maguire swapping arcs? Awesome! Plus, it will be interesting to if James Robinson can re-create that Golden Age magic with the Justice Society (having a strong artist like Nicola Scott certainly helps!).

3. Ravagers brings Howard Mackie back to ongoing mainstream comic book work. The New 52 has seen a number of veteran writers return to regular work – Scott Lobdell, Ann Nocenti, Tom DeFalco and now Mackie.

4. China Miéville is going to be writing Dial H. It sounds like an interesting pitch.

I am sure you all have plenty of kneejerk reactions that you are dying to voice, so have at it! What are your thoughts on this announcement?

Thoughts on the Ending to Last Night’s Walking Dead Fall Finale…

Two roads diverged in a wood, and Walking Dead took the one less traveled by. SPOILERS for last night’s episode, “Pretty Much Dead Already” as well as for issues #1-91 of the Walking Dead comic book ahead!!

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Thoughts on Ann Nocenti Taking Over Green Arrow

Wow, I don’t think ANYONE could have predicted THAT!

Ann Nocenti is returning to monthly comics for the first time since the mid 1990s to take over Green Arrow from the interim writing team of Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens (who presumably chose to stick with Superman when that position opened up).

Click the above link to read a really charming interview with Nocenti. I love the approach she is taking to it all. She is really and truly fresh to the character and it is fascinating to see her sort of work through ideas as she speaks to the interviewer. She plans on taking Ollie out on the road, and I imagine fans of her Daredevil run fondly remember the storyline where she took Daredevil out on the road.

And, obviously, it is interesting to see another female writer get hired to do an ongoing for DC. I wonder who will draw the book?

Thoughts on the Super-Marriage Officially Being Erased

With the official word now confirming what we all knew was about a 99% certainty (I think I even went with 100% certainty at one point), that Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s marriage will be erased with the reboot, something I find myself thinking is, “Wait, they were married?”

We are nearing the finish of a two-year span where the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage was featured with extreme infrequency (heck, two years according to the comics – it’s actually been longer than that, right?). First, Superman goes to New Krypton for a year. When he returns, he goes on the road for a year.

Think about that for a moment, two VERY different sets of Superman writers with VERY different ideas of what to do with the Superman title, both came up with the SAME idea – separate Superman from Lois Lane for a year. Then, when planning the new DC reboot, Dan DiDio talks to the incoming Superman writers, and THEY also want to separate Superman from Lois Lane. And again, we’re talking a goodly variety of creative types here, and they are all coming to the same conclusion – Superman works best as, if not a LONER exactly, certainly somewhat disconnected from the rest of society (the dude has a Fortress of Solitude, for crying out loud!). While I personally never had a problem with the marriage (heck, I was okay with the Peter/MJ marriage, too), I can certainly see where the creators are coming from, and I am totally supportive of this decision.

Also, early Superman stories in Action Comics and current Superman stories in Superman? Sounds like a plan (although I still can’t get behind the armor).

Thoughts on Tim Drake’s Origin…

I was talking to my pal Jake the other day, and he was complaining about the relative treatment from online fans about Tim Drake and Damian Wayne. He noted that Tim Drake appears to be disproportionally popular on the internet, and he felt that Damian Wayne’s initial treatment of Tim (not to mention the fact that he effectively replaced Tim) is what made so many fans hostile towards Damian online (at least at first. Eventually the awesomeness of Damian Wayne has won over most people).

I have noticed the same thing, that Tim Drake does seem to be a bit of a “sacred cow” on the ‘net. Jake had an interesting theory about this in relation to Tim’s origin.

As we all know, the idea of a kid sidekick was done so that kids reading the comics would have someone to associate with in the comic. You know, sort of like audience insertion in the story. Of course, as (I want to say Mark Waid, but it might have been Marv Wolfman or I might have just imagined that I read it entirely) rightly noted, the kids probably didn’t need to have a kid to see themselves as, as they already were seeing themselves as Batman! But still, that was the idea, at least, give someone for the kids reading the books to identify with (and obviously it was a popular idea, as young sidekicks or groups of young boys soon became all the rage in comic books of the early 1940s).

So it hits Jake, and as he describes it to me, it hits me, as well (even beyond what Jake first had in mind). Continue Reading »

Thoughts on Wizard Closing Down…

If you used to work for Wizard, and they fired you, I can see how you would enjoy some schadenfreude at the magazine announcing that they are closing down. That makes sense to me.

Otherwise, why the heck would anyone else be happy about a magazine about comic books closing down and a bunch of people losing their jobs?

We see this a lot, like stuff like this is a zero sum game. “If book/magazine I don’t like gets canceled, then that is a net positive for me,” when it really is not – it does not affect you at all.

Feel free to not enjoy Wizard or Toy Fare, but to be openly pleased about them going out of business? That doesn’t seem right to me.


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