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Top Five Thor Covers by Walt Simonson

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the five best covers by Walter Simonson, who did a NUMBER of tremendous covers during his run on Thor. There are a bunch of covers that I did NOT put on the list that would be among the best covers Thor has ever seen had it not been for these five (Simonson’s last issue as well as #350 stand out in particular).

Here are the top five…

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Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at which five characters have appeared on the most Titans covers in the forty-four year history of Titans comic books. I mean ALL the different Titans comics. I mean, Teen Titans Volume 1, The New Teen Titans Volume 1, The New Teen Titans Volume 2, Tales of the Teen Titans (only the covers for the original material – it seemed weird double-counting the Baxter issues), Tales of the New Teen Titans, New Titans, Team Titans, Teen Titans Volume 2, Titans Volume 1, Teen Titans Volume 2, Titans Volume 2, plus every cross-over one-shot, mini-series and Annual. There have been so many comics with “Titans” as the title that the #1 character on this list was on over 200 covers!!!

Here are the top five…

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Top Five Characters From the 1993 Marvel Annuals

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) kicks off with a look at the best of the mediocre-to-awful characters that were introduced in the 1993 Marvel Annuals. Having each of 28 Marvel Annuals in 1993 introduce a brand-new character was not a particularly great idea, as 1993 was soon after the beginning of Image Comics, so it was not exactly a great time to tell your creators, “Hey, come up with a cool new character for us to exploit!” And as a result, certainly no one was giving Marvel exactly their “A” ideas. So instead we got lots and lots of Ds with a few Cs here and there (maybe even some Bs) and one A (and even then, it was spinning off of an established character).

So here are the top five of these characters!

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Top Five Month RETURNS!

You thought you were safe – you thought it was all over, but you were wrong – two years since we last saw it, TOP FIVE MONTH RETURNS!!!!

Bookmark/check this space for the list of top five as the month continues!

1. Top Five Characters From the Marvel 1993 Annuals

2. Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

3. Top Five Thor Covers by Walt Simonson

4. Top Five Characters Whose Real Names Are Way Too “On Point”

5. Top Five #300 Issues

6. Top Five Bloodlines Characters

7. Top Five Mike Zeck G.I. Joe Covers

8. Top Five Justice League Unlimited Characters Who Should Also Be Members of the “Real” Justice League of America

9. Top Five Most Famous Characters To Debut In Issues Where They Were Not The Most Famous Character Introduced In That Issue

10. Top Five Thing vs. Hulk Covers

11. Top Five Characters to Debut in the Pages of the Avengers

12. Top Five Comic Characters That Share Names With Major League Baseball Teams!

13. Top Five “Great Scott” Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers

14. Top Five “Near Miss” Relationships Between Avengers Teammates

15. Top Five “Great” Exclamations by Superman on Covers!

16. Top Five Comic Book Tigers

17. Top Five Characters Introduced in Batman or Detective Comics in Last Two Decades

18. Top Five Yellow Characters

19. Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense

20. Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

21. Top Five 400th Issues

22. Top Five Lies/Deceptions by Professor X

23. Top Five DC Comics Annual Themes

24. Top Five Joneses – Part 1

25. Top Five Joneses – Part 2

26. Top Five Joneses – Part 3

27. Top Five Carl Barks Creations Not Named Scrooge McDuck

28. Top Five Daredevil Writers

29. Top Five Daredevil Artists

30. Top Five John Romita-Designed Costumes

And feel free to use the comments here to make suggestions of Top Fives that you would like to see this month!

Top Five Raddest Comics of 2009

At least I got this out before the Oscars.

In an effort to try something slightly different with these annual retrospectives, I will now present to you not necessarily the best in comics– I’m not the scholar for that– but the five comics published in the year of our King Kirby 2009 that possessed the most raditude. These are the comics that got drunk and made out with my brain while leaping the gorge on a skateboard that was on fire– only the bitchin’est, most awesome comics need apply. Onwards!

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Top Five Potential Benefits of Disney’s Marvel

Who needs logic and details when you can have wild speculation? Let’s hit it!

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Top Five Actual Pieta Covers

In general, we refer to any cover with one character holding another character outstretched in his/her arms as a “Pieta” cover, after the famous Michelangelo statue of Mary holding Jesus’ body.

Well, I was just doing a bit about La Pieta at Legends Revealed here, and it reminded me of the last time I did a bit on this style of covers some folks noted we should draw a distinction between covers likely influenced by La Pieta and covers CLEARLY homaging La Pieta.

So, here are the the top five covers that are homaging the actual La Pieta (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)…

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Top Five Jim Corrigans

For some reason I’ve yet to fathom, the world of comics has been treated to a number of fellas named Jim Corrigan. Time for them all to throw down and see who comes out on top!

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Top Five Fives

Somewhere between your Fantastic Fours and your Secret Sixes, and well before you get near the Sovereign Sevens, you’ve got your Fives. Now, you can call fives, high five, take five, plead the fifth, use the five-finger discount, wear five o’clock shadow, and be five by five after the five-second rule, but you can’t pick your friends’ noses. Wait. That’s not right.

With all that in mind, however, let’s look at the Top Five fivesomes found in comics. Continue Reading »

Top Five Comics Characters Bruce Campbell Should/Could Play

My adoration and appreciation for the life and work of Bruce Campbell is well documented across the internets by now. This Friday, I shall be having “Chinfest ’09″ with my friends, where we’ll screen some of the best schlock Bruce has appeared in. Like-minded fans reading this may remember that Bruce was sort of almost the Shadow, almost but not quite Darkman, and was the runner-up for the Phantom before that wily Billy Zane snatched the role away. What other mighty heroes and villains would he have been a good fit for? Whose spandex could he still step into? Find out after the jump (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far). Continue Reading »

Top Five Warren Zevon Characters Who Would Make for Good Comic Books

I did this awhile ago with Bob Dylan characters, but a mention of Warren Zevon by reader Marc Laferriere made me think Zevon would be a great choice for this, too!

So enjoy the top five Warren Zevon characters who would make for good comic books (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)! Continue Reading »

Top Five Comics to which One Should Look Forward in 2009

Never let it be said I didn’t use proper grammar. Also, never let it be said that I didn’t blatantly steal ideas from my own readership. Wait. No. I want that said.

Anyhoo, this thread on our forum gave me an idea for a post. We’re all in our “Best of ’08″ food comas by now, so it’s time for something else. Something hopeful for a hopeful nation (and their hopelessful friends from other countries who read this). Let’s look ahead, now, and guess at what’s going to end up on our Best of ’09 lists. Comics should be good, after all– these especially!

(And yes, we’re a month in. Well, I started this post weeks ago. Quiet, you.) Continue Reading »

Top Five Gross Yet Compelling Scenes from 2008 Comics

Here are my top five picks for the best gross, yet compelling, scenes I’ve seen in comics in 2008.

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Top Five Dennis Calero Covers

Here are the top five Dennis Calero covers!

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Top Five Variant Takes on the X-Men

Here are the top five variant takes on the X-Men! Note I don’t mean What If…?s or Alternate Realities, but stuff like X-Men Fairy Tales.

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