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Wonder of Wonders – Star-Spangled Panties: The Startlingly Bold New Direction Eras of Wonder Woman!

by Carol A. Strickland

So here we are, just off issue #602 of Wonder Woman, and ankles-deep into a new era. Some fans may call what we’re reading an alternate universe or Elseworlds story, but since rumors are that it’s going to last for at least 12 months and it’s presented within the main title, I think it deserves a “new era” tag.

They’re easy enough to come by, if your name is Wonder Woman.

Some fans seem to think that presenting WW within a continuity that does not match the one she’d been in previously, is something shocking. They act as if there’s never been so much as a hiccup in presentation over her almost seventy decades of publication. But Wonder Woman has seen many eras come and go. Quite a few have been mere blips on the landscape; others have lasted for years. Far too many have twisted our gal at right angles or even upside down of her usual mode of operation.
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Wonder of Wonders: Paradise Highlands – Wonder Woman Thoughts from Scotland

by Martin Gray

WITH the San Diego Comic Con running this week we can expect a slew of announcements from the companies. New creative teams, new books, new characters.

There’s one DC-related announcement I’d love to hear before the convention centre doors finally close. No, not a new printing for the DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook – although that would be spiffy (complete with Wonder Woman’s Natural Soda Pop). What I hope for is the news that an all-ages Wonder Woman title is forthcoming.

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Wonder of Wonders – Star-Spangled Panties: What’s in a Name?

by Carol A. Strickland

Anyone who’s paid attention in school, or recalls the words to Schoolhouse Rock, remembers that a noun’s a person, place, or thing. Easy enough. “Hey, Batman, go to Gotham City and take down the Joker and Penguin!” Four simple nouns.

But with Wonder Woman we have problems:

“Wonder Woman, go home to Themyscira because the Hecatoncheires, Briareos and Cottus, have joined with the Bana-Mighdall to overthrow Hippolyte!”

Ouch. Look at all the syllables! Look at the weird spellings! Please don’t make me read that sentence aloud.
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Wonder of Wonders – The Lasso’s Infinitely Elastic, the Stories Don’t Have to be, too

by Martin Gray

When Wonder Woman started out, each issue of her comic featured her in as many as four stories for 10 cents. They were ‘only’ 13 pages long, but a quick look at the Archive Editions or Chronicles points up that they were packed with incident and variety. That first issue, for example, featured a retelling of the origin …

… hi-jinks at the circus …

… a prison-set encounter with Paula Von Gunther …

… and a trip to Etta Candy’s ranch for a spot of spy smashing.

Whew! In those initial years Diana fought Nazis, spies, Nazi spies, mad gods, ape girls, the odd Cheetah … and the comic sold by the bucket load.

By the Seventies, in common with other DC books – which had long since seen their page count shrink from 64 interior pages to 32 – the norm was a single 17pp story. And if you were lucky, Wonder Woman might also pop up in a Twinkies ad.

Today we get 22pp for $2.99, with a single story. Or rather, an episode.
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Wonder of Wonders – Star-Spangled Panties: Separate But Unequal

by Carol A. Strickland

Let us turn to the Book of Wondie. In the beginning, Wonder Woman was created as an Amazon. Back in the Forties her creator had an extremely limited pool of origin possibilities that would allow her to bound into the world as a feminist woman who could receive a fair bit of respect just for being herself. She could have been a cowgirl, but Marston went with the choice of Amazons, which also allowed him a base of mythology to work with. And the origin was good, amen.

By classic definition, the Amazons were an all-female society. I have heard many readers of late deriding the DC version for turning their backs on men in order to form that kind of nation. Those readers are showing their ignorance of the mythos.

While the no-men rule for Amazons in the Golden through Bronze Ages may be a little murky it its origins (GA Aphrodite went by the rule that men are violent and women are peaceable, and so she created the female nation to counter Mars/Ares’ violent plots), the Modern Era of Wonder Woman clearly shows us that the Amazons—well, the Themysciran Amazons—had no choice in the matter. Their gods created them as an all-female society (we are NEVER told why) and directed them to be exiled on a hidden island for their sins, and that was that. The Amazons had to obey.

Unfortunately this single-gender origin begat an ongoing sub-theme that continued even into the modern era: That women are good, men are evil, and that all are best off if they keep to their separate playing fields. This odd idea is a twisted echo of what is too often encountered in the world: that men are superior, women inferior, and that if men are contaminated with feminine ideas they are no longer worthy of respect.

The battle of the sexes has long been a source of drama and humor in fiction, but when used as a constant element in order to degrade an entire gender or over-celebrate another, it’s unhealthy and not entertaining in the least.
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Wonder of Wonders (3/5/10)

by Gail Simone

A couple of years back, a writer friend who was very dear to me and vital to comics, (and who has since unfortunately passed away), told me to always remember that the characters we write that are not creator-owned don’t belong to us, and that it was always wise to keep a little distance. It’s not a trick I have quite gotten the hang of, yet.

I find that if I don’t let the characters in, then this becomes just a job, and there’s too many things I still want to do in comics to settle for just a job. The upside is the joy of writing characters you care about, and the downside is, well, it can be tough to say goodbye. Whenever I leave a book for any reason, I find myself missing those characters terribly. I miss the Simpsons, I miss Deadpool and Agent X and Outlaw, I miss Ryan Choi, I miss the Gen13 kids.

I have a feeling I’m going to miss Wonder Woman for a long, long time. But unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye.
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