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Check Out the Trailer for Raina Telgemeier’s Smile!

I love when comics make little trailers like these, especially when it’s a book where people might be unfamiliar with what the book looks like/is about…

Very cool.

Go get yourself a copy of Smile!

YouTube Can Be Good – 1/7

Been awhile since I’ve done this bit, huh?

Anyhow, Jim Rugg (of Street Angel fame) stopped by to share the trailer for a short film adapting the first issue of Street Angel made by a bunch of Australian film students.

It looks like a strikingly faithful adaptation! Check it out (and buy and read Street Angel – it’s awesome)!

Hey Look! A Rotoscoped Comic Book Cartoon!

Well, that’s how the visual style of this video by Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard is described. If you’re in to process, you can check out the making of video here. It’s part of an ad for Verizon wireless internet, but don’t hold that against it.

I’m not entirely sure that this counts as comics.but hey, at least it’s not another post about the Watchmen movie, right? Some people sure have beaten that horse to death around here lately.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, all!

It’s a special early Holiday Edition of the Friday column! Because I’m on fire with holiday spirit.

Of course, around here that means something a little different than one might normally suppose. My bride recently suggested to me that we should maybe have a more traditional Thanksgiving celebration this year.

I stared in horror. Continue Reading »

Barack Obama Dropping Comic Knowledge

At his speech at the Al Smith charity dinner, Barack Obama dropped references not only to Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman, but to Krypton and Jor-El!

Check it out!

Thanks to Jonah Weiland for the heads up!

Friday Linkblogging (Mostly Fisticuffs)

By the time you read this, I’ll be under anesthesia, or possibly already home whimpering like a traumatized puppy. Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 3/21

Greg already gave us quite a lot of nice YouTube stuff, so I’ll just throw in one really nice one that reader Aaron Bibb sent in to me last week.

It’s a cartoonist at work, condensed from four hours into 6 minutes. I found it pretty fascinating.

Thanks, Aaron!

If anyone else has some good YouTube ideas, send them our way!

Thursday Drive-By Linkage

Column’s probably going to be delayed this week, but in the meantime, here’s a few amazing things I found on YouTube. These are clips so rare and weird that I’ve never even seen this stuff bootlegged at a convention.

Put it this way: my alternate title was See? See? I’m NOT MAKING IT UP! Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 2/28

Here are some more comic book related clips via YouTube!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 2/19

Speaking of Superman, check out Dwight Howard’s popular “Superman” dunk from this year’s NBA dunk contest.

An instant classic.

YouTube Can Be Good – 1/17

The Spider-Marriage…YouTube style!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 10/23

Here are some comic-related YouTube pieces, including an inspired piece of history courtesy of Bob Layton. Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 9/5

Here are a few YouTube comic book-related comedy bits from David Levitt.

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

YouTube Can Be Good – 8/28

Here are two more comic-related clips from YouTube!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »


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