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Other Blogs From The Folks Here

Delenda Est Carthago – Greg Burgas’ blog where he talks about non-comic stuff (politics, pop culture, history, etc.)

Bill Will Save Us All – Bill Reed’s blog where he talks about all sorts of stuff

The Daughter Chronicles – That blogging animal, Greg Burgas, tells us about the adventures raising two young girls.

1979 Semi-Finalist – Kelly Thompson’s solo comic book blog!

World of Awesome – A place where Joe Rice and some other fellows talk about all the things that are awesome…one thing at a time!

Snark Free Waters – Comic Discussion Sans the Snark (Sans the Comic Discussion at the moment, to be frank)

Kung Fu Rodeo – Our noble blog designer, Stephen Gerding’s group blog about comics and pop culture.

Comic Blogs Should Be Good

I Couldn’t Help But List These Blogs (the very first blogs we linked to when this blog started) First, Outside of Alphabetical Order.

The Comics Reporter – Tom Spurgeon’s comic news site.

Tales To Mildly Astonish – My pal, Michael Pullmann’s comic book blog.

Precocious Curmudgeon – David Welsh’s nifty comic book blog.

Yet Another Comics Blog – Dave Carter has been blogging about comic books since the Truman Administration, and doing a good job at it!

Blog@Newsarama – This was on the original list as The Great Curve, but it’s still neat as Blog@Newsarama!

The Johnny Bacardi Show – Comics and pop culture from Johnny Bacardi who, if I am correct, may be in the 99th percentile of cool people in the world.

Journalista – Okay, this wasn’t around when we started, but a blog by Comic Journal’s Dirk Deppey? How would we NOT have listed that when we began?

The Beat – I had Heidi MacDonald’s neat-o comic and culture blog in a different section (with the comic news sites), but she probably belongs here, instead.

Jog – The Blog – If there is one thing our Internet nation needs, it’s another comics blog. In fact, I was visited in a dream by no less than St. Douglas Internet, who assured me that my thoughts on comics were mandatory to the security of world freedom. So here we go.

News From Me – Mark Evanier’s blog

Suspension of Disbelief – My pal Loren (along with some other folks) fact checks comic books, mostly legal stuff as Loren is a lawyer.

Dave’s Long Box – Remember the Frank Grimes episode of Simpsons, when Homer responds to Grimes’ shock that Homer had been to outer space with “Oh? You’ve never BEEN?” Well, that’s the reaction I have if someone tells me they are unfamiliar with Dave Campbell’s awesomely hilarious comic blog, Dave’s Long Box.

The Comic Treadmill – A running discussion about opinions on comics, comics-related materials, movies, games and anything that strikes our fancy.

Progressive Ruin – Mike Sterling rules all.

Comics Worth Reading – Johanna Draper Carlson talks comics

Comic Blogs Should Be Good – ALPHABETICALLY!!!!

2 Guys Buying Comics – A quasi-daily blog from two guys (wait for it) buying comics!!

4th Letter – A very neat group blog about comics. Often quite funny stuff.

A Trout in the Milk – Some nice, in-depth comic essays

The Absorbascon – Comic book fun from everyone’s pal, Scipio

ADD – The blog of Alan David Doane, who is always interesting to hear from.

Aiee! Run From Kelvin’s Brainsplurge! – The sometimes daily thoughts of Englishman-in-a-strange-land Kelvin Green.

And Plus… – Layne talks pop culture and comics

Any Eventuality – Fun comics talk

Bastarður Víkinga! – Viking comic talk!

Beaucoup Kevin – Musings on disposable culture by Kevin Church

Blog THIS, Pal – Gordon talks comics, life, pop culture

Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog – El NiÑa Pirata Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag and her awesome blog.

Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! – Fairly self-explanatory! That being said, Bully is awesome, and you should definitely check this site out!

Cayman’s Comics Swamp – My pal, Cayman, blogging about comics and music.

Chickity China – Proving that the Internet is more than just a pornography clearinghouse. But not much more.

Chris Allen Online – Chris Allen talks life and comics…not always in that order!

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog – Chris Sims talks comics quite humorously. An awesome blog.

The Clandestine Critic – Pop-culture entertainment reviews – comic books, cinema, comedy, books, etc. – and anything else that David decide upon later. Reviews are not fair, balanced or timely.

Club Parnassus – Evan Waters talks pop culture and comics.

Comic Foundry Blog – Tim Leong blogs for Comic Foundry. Tim is neat-o.

Comics and More – Dave Ferraro posts about pop culture at large, with a focus on comics.

Comics Ate My Brain – Tom Bondurant talks comics

Comics.212.net – Chris Butcher on comics

Crisis/Boring Change – Chris Tamarri talks comics. Chris is awesome, though it’s been awhile since this blog was updated.

Crocodile Caucus – Lyle uses a pop culture obsession as a coping mechanism

The Tammy Project – Our former contributor Marionette spotlights British girls comics of the 1970s

Dave Ex Machina – Dave Lartigue blogs about stuff, including comics

Dial B for Blog – The World’s Greatest Blogazine! The most original web log in comics history! Sadly retired, but he has all of his “back issues” up to read!

Dick Hates Your Blog – Mocking people who blog about comics. This is dead serious, industry-revolutionizing, paradigm-obliterating stuff…or so Dick says. I think it is a fun look at the comic blogoverse.

DivaSparkle ACTIVATE! – My pal Ben discusses comics and pop culture as only he can. If you even kinda like Dazzler, be sure to check it out.

Don’t Cross the Streams – Melanism talks pop culture and comics.

Double Articulation – Personal, philosophical, and critical essays about comic books, film, and genre fiction. A joy to read.

El Blog De Jotace – ¿Cómo? ¿Que no te gusta DC? Amos, anda porai a cagar a la vía…

Elijah J. Brubaker – Making Comics Like a Bitch in Heat

Enter the Void – Comic artists create comics and compete against each other.

Estoreal – RAB talks comics

Fast Food and Sitcoms – Basically David Campbell-lite, which is still pretty darn entertaining!!

The First Second Blog – The blog for First Second

FLOG: The Fantagraphics Blog – That pretty much sums it up

The Fortress of Soliloquy – Tom Foss talks comics

From Seth’s Desk – Seth Breedlove talks comics

The Geek Out – Brandon Hanvey’s blog

Gene “The Dean” Colan’s Virtual Studio – Self-explanatory

Ghostie’s Bungalow – A forum for pop culture discussion, including comic books.

Glyphs: The Language of the Black Comics Community – Self-explanatory

Graphic Novel Review – Another self-explanatory title

Greta’s Book Reviews – Ever wonder what a 12-year-old girl thinks about comics? Wonder no more!

Howling Curmudgeons – Two-Fisted Comics Commentary and Criticism

The House of L – Leigh talks comics

How to Make Comics – A comprehensive resource for aspiring creators

“How Would You Fix…?” – Critical examinations of past Marvel Comics.

The Hurting – Tim O’Neil rocks our world

hypnoray – Jon Cormier talks comics

I Am NOT the Beastmaster – Essays, analysis, and commentary from some other guy named Marc Singer

J.M. DeMatteis – His blog

Jason Aaron – His blog

Johnny Triangles – Everyone’s pal, Johnny “T” Triangles, talks comics and stuff

Lady, That’s My Skull – My blog pledge: * Content-free * No ‘woe is me’ tales * I’ll post the restraining order from Hayley Mills when I receive it

The Legion Abstract – Legion of Super-Heroes analysis and commentary

The Legion Omnicom – Legion of Superheroes blog

Listen To Us, We’re Right – Joe, Alex, Paul and Brant talk comics

Living Between Wednesdays – Rachelle Goguen talks comics

Mah Two Cents – This is Tony Collett’s weblog dedicated to his thoughts on the happenings in the world, comic books, anime, science fiction, DVDs, and anything else he encounters.

neilAlien – A Doctor Strange Fansite – A Comic Book Weblog – A Mysterious Palindrome

Noetic Concordance – Comments on comics, roleplaying and writing. OK, mostly comics.

Not Business, Personal – Michael May’s livejournal

Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine – A nifty comic blog devoted to Golden Age comics.

Paperghost – Defending the Net from Suckers, Kung-Fu

Parkerspace – Jeff Parker’s blog

Photon Torpedoes – Comics, Games, All Geeky Media

Polite Dissent – Comics, Medicine, Politics and Fun!

PostModernBarney – The world’s smuggest comics blog!

Prep Time Posse – Group blog talking comics

Project: Rooftop – The site dedicated to presenting the finest in innovative crime-fighting fashion

Random Happenstance – Comics, toys, pop culture nonsense. And maybe the wife, kids, and bitey dog around here somewhere too.

The Recreation Annex – A since-silver-age age reader reflects on stuff

Redhead Fangirl – The title says it all!

Reporting on Marvels and Legends – Calvin Pitt talks comics

Ringwood – Ken Lowery talks pop culture

The Roar of Comics – Steven Padnick’s Comics Blog: Come here for all of Steven Padnick’s deep, deep insights into comics, superheroes, publishing, and everything in between.

Rocketship – Best comic store ever?

The Savage Critic(s) – Smart-ass comic reviews, and comics retailing intelligence, by Brian Hibbs, owner of San Francisco’s Comix Experience. (And friends!)

Seduction of the Indifferent – Scott talks comics

Size Matters – The mini-comic blog

Spandex Justice – Vincent Murphy talks comics

Speed Force – Kelson’s blog about the Flash

Strange Planet Stories – I. N. J. Culbard’s blog

Sure Beats Working – Sean Phillips’ blog

Terror Tales – Ryan Jackson talks comics

The Thug With the Velvet Mind – Dean Haspiel’s Blog

Tom Brevoort – Tom’s blog at Marvel

Tom The Dog’s You Know What I Like? – A blog about all that is worthy in the Culture we call Pop.

Tony Isabella’s Tony’s Online Tips – Reviews and commentary by Tony Isabella

Trusty Plinko Stick – Bill talks comics

Vintage Pop – Celebrating American popular culture (including comics) of the early Twentieth Century

Webcomics are from Uranus – A blog about webcomics

What WERE They Thinking? – A funny look at the unintentional humor of comics past

When Fangirls Attack! – A Compilation of Articles about Women in Comics.

The Word on the Street – Dr Sordid talks comics and pop culture

Written World - Ragnell talks comics

Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge – A humorous look at comic books

X-Ray Spex – Will Pfeifer’s blog

Zilla and the Comic Junkies – Comic Book fun


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