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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Two!

img502 (2)

It’s the second week of DC‘s latest Great Rebirthening, and if you thought I was going to bail on these posts after one week of fairly mediocre comics, you thought wrong! I have store credit and I’m not afraid to use it, so let’s check out the shiny new books that DC unleashed upon us this week!
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Greg reviews every single new DC comic!

Oh, yes, it’s time once again for something crazy like this. Brace yourselves! You might want to get a glass of water and some provisions before you start reading. It’s a long one, in case you can’t guess.
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Sunday Brunch: 2/6/11

Your weekly-ish survey of the news, criticism, and art, sequential or otherwise, found on the comics internet. I hope you’re taking good notes, because there will be a quiz.

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Sunday Brunch: 1/30/11

The comics internet, in Dagwood sandwich form. (One bite! I dare you!)

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Sunday Brunch: 9/12/10

The biggest Brunch ever? Quite possibly. All the news that’s fit to pimp!

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Comics You Should Own Archive

Here are links to all the Comics You Should Own essays I have written so far. Plus, I’ve added some explanation.  Enjoy!
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Sunday Brunch: 8/22/10

The comics internet in a nutshell. Gird your loins!

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Sunday Brunch: 8/8/10

Links, art, criticism, and discussion– sans the porn, it’s another week on the internet!

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: What if newspaper comic strips were written by today’s premiere comic book writers?I find the newspaper comics page to be a sad, boring place, populated by unfunny drain-circlers, occasionally peppered with decent strips or good art. So what if your favorite comic writer got in on the action? What would they write? Can you imagine the bizarre possibilities? My suggestions under the cut.

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Sunday Brunch: 6/20/10

We’re light on links this week, but there are some intriguing things to think about in today’s post, as well as a bit of a rant, a bit of a ramble, and a bit of a review. Onwards!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What comic series or topic is the internet ignoring? What needs to be reviewed? What needs to be discussed?

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Committed: Superhero Job Satisfaction

051910_batmanSuperheroes don’t get career choices. They’re beings with powers which dictate what they’ll do. Unlike us, with our grab bag of vague skills and strengths, we’re asked to believe that having a super power is so overwhelming that it forces people into one specific career. They must be vigilantes, living outside of society’s rules… Really? Continue Reading »

Sunday Brunch: 5/16/10

Beneath the fold: links and commentary, as I analyze the geek brain, disagree with things people have said, and put down your favorite sports teams! Oh, and there’s stuff about comics, too.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Will the upcoming XXX Batman porn parody be the first porno in which the sex is the worst part of the movie?

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Sunday Brunch: 4/25/10

Slow week. Let’s see what bits of awesome we can scrounge up!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: On the whole, are your favorite comic book writers “fat guys with beards” or “skinny bald guys”? Is there some kind of hybrid form? U-Decide!

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Sunday Brunch: 3/21/10

A linkpost on a Sunday? What is this, 2009?

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Comics You Should Own flashback – Aquaman #0-25

Is this my most controversial selection ever for these posts? It just might be …

(I’ll point out that I posted this originally in May 2005, as I’ve been pointing out all along with these “flashbacks.” Blame 2005 Burgas if you don’t like these comics! Also, some of this has been edited, as I mentioned the “current” Aquaman series, which of course no longer exists. But the essence of the original post is still here!)

(Oh, and some SPOILERS, as usual. Not too many, though. At least I hope not.)
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Sunday Brunch: 8/23/09

Another shamefully light week in the world of links to stuff on the comics internet, which means either I am dreadfully unobservant, or everyone else is as lazy as I am! It’s probably the former. Still, this column may slip to a bi-weekly schedule in future installments, or cease altogether, depending how many cool things I stumble upon and remember to share with you fine folks.

So, six nifty links under the cut, and, to pad things out, another exciting QUESTION OF THE WEEK above the cut, and after this colon: If you were cursed by television executives to turn one mature-readers-only comic book series into a kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon show, which would it be? Show your work. (I’ll share my own answer later on in the comments.)

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