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Say It With Manga – The Left-to-Right-Headed Stepchild Edition


This week, it’s the hotly-contested category of non-Japanese manga up for discussion.  There are many sides to this debate, but the main arguments are that “manga” should be anything produced in Japan versus “manga” being a style.  In general, most use a strict definition that manga is produced in Japan by Japanese artists in the Japanese language, which is rather un-ambiguous.  “Manga” is used by many companies to market domestically-produced series to teens, and once upon a time, other Asian comics as well.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with a good manga-influenced style, and with modern forays into domestically-produced manga (OEL, Global Manga, or whatever you’d like to label it), the line between gets blurrier and blurrier.  This week, I’m looking at 3 different series, all aimed at teenage girls (as that’s what I have handy right now), but for each one, I’ll discuss how much it is or isn’t like a manga.


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Sunday Brunch: 8/15/10

Your weekly smorgasbord of comics internet things. And a TV review, because I can.

WATCH THIS SPACE for reviews of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Motion Picture and The Expendables.

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Sunday Brunch: 3/28/10

Lo, it is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus invented the high five, and miracle of miracles, it’s an actual brunch-sized Sunday Brunch post! Links, news, musings, theory, and images below the fold.

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Some Thoughts Inspired By Betty And Veronica Digest #192

Not really a review, because seriously, it’s Archie Comics, and I’ll leave talking about those to the pros. I do have some musings loosely based on buying this stupid thing, though! Continue Reading »


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