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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Expendables

That’s right, I went out and saw the two epic new releases for geeks like me who grew up with gritty, over-the-top action movies and surreal, jaunty 8- and 16-bit video games– Eat, Pray, Love and Charlie St. Cloud! Hold on, that’s not right. Where are my notes?

Right, right. Some friends and I treated ourselves to a double feature of what we assumed would be relentless awesomeness. I had begun writing my review before ever setting my eyes on the screen, a letter to my future wife apologizing for our mutual loss due to being rocked so hard by this film onslaught that my John Thomas exploded. However, when it was all said and done, I escaped with genitals unscathed. Which film failed the all-important testicular trauma test? Find out under the cut!

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Thursday Dessert: 3/11/10

Under the cut: Vun, two, tree, tree cool links, ah ah ah ah.

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Top Five Raddest Comics of 2009

At least I got this out before the Oscars.

In an effort to try something slightly different with these annual retrospectives, I will now present to you not necessarily the best in comics– I’m not the scholar for that– but the five comics published in the year of our King Kirby 2009 that possessed the most raditude. These are the comics that got drunk and made out with my brain while leaping the gorge on a skateboard that was on fire– only the bitchin’est, most awesome comics need apply. Onwards!

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Christmas Ham: 12/25/09

Or Hanukkah Something-Kosher to our Jewish readers out there, like Stan Lee, who surely reads this blog every day on his Blackberry. Hi, Stan!

Yes, you’ve all been good little fanboys and girls, so here’s a quick Sunday-Brunch-esque Holiday Treat, in which I throw a stocking full of recent and interesting links at you.

QUESTION OF THE SEASON: Best Christmas-slash-holiday-season-themed comic you’ve read?

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B&B TV: “Mayhem of the Music Meister!”

At last, the musical episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold has hit American shores, and oh boy, was it worth the wait. Hit it!

b&b music

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Box of Comics: August 2009

How hopelessly late am I this time? Not too much, I hope. (Place your bets on how many semi-colons I use in this post!) At least I review some stuff that I haven’t seen reviewed much around the internets. Well, aside from that one comic. You know the one.

Inside: The most awesome comic ever printed! The strangest Bat-villain of them all! The biggest letdown of the month! The latest Apparat novella from Internet Jesus himself! And an overlooked new launch from a young upstart publisher! (See anything you like? Buy it at HeavyInk, and/or pre-order the next one at DCBS!)

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Sunday Brunch: 7/19/09

Seven more days have passed us by, and it’s time for another foray into the series of tubes that is the comics internet! If you’re itching for dumb puns and wordplay with lots of links to cool stuff, look no further!

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Sunday Brunch: 7/12/09

Start with generic opening text. Add pun, or, if allergic, ’80s pop culture reference. Sprinkle on some snark. Stir vigorously and serve over the jump.

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