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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 18 – 24 August 2013

Some weeks I get to zip around the Internet a lot, but at the end of this week, I got hung up a bit. So there’s plenty from the beginning of the week!
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Is Obama The Wolverine Of Presidential Guest Stars?

Or, this made me want to apply this to comics. I mean, I guess I have nothing against comics companies cashing in Obama mania. I don’t hate the guy, even if he is a Socialist Muslim/Christian or whatever is scaring Glen Beck to tears this week, but I don’t think he’s Composite Liberal Jesus (which is half Jesus, half JFK, like you didn’t know) either.

So I really don’t want to make this about politics or offend anyone (this may be the first time I make a liberal more butt hurt than a conservative. Maybe. I can never predict you people). I probably will, but I swear I am totally not trying to.

I’m just wondering; is Obama in danger of being overexposed as a guest star, or did we pass that point long before he was set to team up with Bruce Campbell in a four (!) issue mini-series.

Also, does anyone collect Obama appearances? How deep is that collection now? You’ve got the Amazing Spider-Man issue, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, Thunderbolts, Greatest American Hero, the biography comics IDW’s publishing; did I miss anything? I guess I don’t care that much, since I can’t be bothered to do a Google search and find out in four seconds.

Last Obama/comics crossover item; I did think Peter David’s reference to JFK Airport being BHO now in the latest X-Factor was a cute nod. Of course, I have a higher tolerance for Peter David humor than most. My parents inoculated me at an early age by letting me get his X-Factor run when I was a kid. I bet Jenny McCarthy wants them to not do that now, but why should anyone listen to the second best former co-host of Singled Out about anything again? When I get in to Jenny McCarthy bashing/acknowledging, it’s time to get back to work.


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