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DCYou and You, Week One


So DC just finished their latest big, continuity-fixing event, their this-time-it-really-counts and honest-and-for-true this-is-the-last-time-we’re-doing-this and don’t-worry-we-got-it-right-this-time event, in which I guess they decided the last 30 years didn’t count? Is that it? I don’t know, I’m just here for the aftermath. After less than four years of the New 52, now we have DCYou! Wait, DCYou? Really, DC? Okay, then. But along with new branding comes … new comics! All that was old is new again! All that had failed before will definitely not fail now! Let’s kick out the jams, because there’s one thing we can all agree on:
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Sunday Brunch: 10/24/10

In which Bill says hyperbolic things about a children’s cartoon and invites you on a guided tour of the comics internet (ask for Babs!).

DECLARATION OF THE WEEK: DC should only ever hire teenagers to write the Legion of Super-Heroes (sorry, Chris Bird).

SHAMELESS PROMOTION DEPARTMENT: A little while ago, I was shanghaied to Australia and not released until I answered a bunch of questions about Aquaman. Well, now you can finally read my harrowing ordeal, along with a bunch of other comics-y articles, in Extra Sequential #4, which can be found online here or here, in your interface of choice.

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