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This isn’t a best comics of 2014 list, but it’s something


Due to my year-long daily posts about artists, I fell behind on reviewing and even reading comics in 2014. I continued to read single issues, but it took me three weeks into January to finish all the collected editions and graphic novels I bought last year, and of course I didn’t review many of them. So instead of doing a detailed “best-of” post, which I enjoy doing, I’m just going to write about some comics I really liked this past year. Sound good? I know, why should you care? Well, you shouldn’t, but if that’s the case, feel free to skip this post!
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It’s the best (or rather, my favorite) comics of 2013! Huzzah and rejoice!

Yes, it’s the end of the year, and instead of reading all those other “best of” lists made by LOSERS, you should just stick to mine. Your entire comics-buying future is at stake!!!!
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Let’s celebrate – it’s time for my Best Comics Of 2012!!!!

Yes, the new year can’t really begin until I chime in with my ill-informed and under-informed and generally all-around mis-informed Best Comics of 2012! Cronin may have posted one, Kelly may have posted one, but can we really trust those East Coast Liberal Elitists? Sonia may have posted one, but can we really trust those foreigners? I think not! Luckily, from the West comes an independent voice, one you can certainly trust! If you can’t trust someone who lives in Arizona, really, who can you trust????
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Greg Burgas’s Best Comics of 2011, by Greg Burgas

I think only two people will get the joke in the title, and I hope one of them has a sense of humor about it, but I’ve been waiting a long time to use something like this, so you’ll just have to indulge me!
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My best ten of ‘ten!

Gee, I suppose I should do my “Best of 2010″ list, right? It’s what bloggers do, man!
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Your year isn’t complete without my “Best-of” lists, is it? IS IT????

Hey, I can compile a list of the best comics of the year, too!
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