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The Top 16 Best Team-Up Book Runs: # 1

The best comics ever!

(For a very specific definition of best.)

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Dear Mark Waid RE: Brave, Bold Back Issues

inspired by the other great Mark in comics, I picked up a bunch of your Brave and the Bold run recently. Here are some thoughts. Continue Reading »

The Top 16 Best Team-Up Book Runs: # 2-3

And back!  All Spider-man all the time this time ’round.  Click the “Best Team-Up Books” tag at the bottom for previous installments.

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The 16 Best Team-Up Book Runs: # 6-4

Fine, fine, fine. Y’all like the White Rabbit? I’ll give you the White Rabbit! (And if the response in fandom in GENERAL is as strong as it was in the comments to this last post, Marvel’s sitting on a potential gold-mine here.)

Anyway, here are the first few parts of the list.


Aaaaand Onward!
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The Top 16 Best Team-Up Runs: # 8-7

15-14 HERE.

13-11 HERE.

10-9 HERE.

Everyone caught up?  Then let’s go….
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The Top 16 Team-Up Book Runs: # 10-9

Numbers 15-14 and explanation here. Numbers 13-11 are over here somewhere.

So. hey, top ten, here, now! But first let me explain a little bit about how the list is put together.

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Top 16 Team-up Runs: #13-11

Here’s the next three. Introduction and “What the heck is all THIS then explanation” over here.

Worth Noting: While I know what the top runs are, the ORDER of the top five or six isn’t set in stone yet. If you have a favorite team-up run, lemme know in the comments and it might effect the outcome.

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The Top 15 Best Team-Up Book Runs: # 15-14

Since the team-up format is undergoing a bit of a resurgence lately with the addition of The Brave and the Bold TV show to the Cartoon Network line-up, I thought it might be fun to examine the comic book roots of the show.

Ah, the team-up book! These are a strain of comic, most popular in the ’70s and early ’80s, where a sales-grabbing “A” list character – Superman or Spider-man, say – would be paired with a succession of less-popular co-stars in hopes of expanding the audience for (and salability of) the current guest.

Sadly, this doesn’t make for an especially stable storytelling engine, and, as much as I love them – (*choke*) Many of these comics just aren’t very good. Sure, you might get Alan Moore to do one issue of DC Comics Presents, or Jack Kirby to do a few covers for Marvel Two-In-One

But these dudes aren’t gonna stick around working on Marvel Team-Up month in and month out. So a really good multi-issue RUN on one of these books is something of a rarity.

Let’s look at some.

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