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Sunday Brunch: 11/14/10

NARCISSISM DEPT: Today at our sister blog Robot 6, I sit in as the guest on What Are You Reading? I assume they asked me because Jon Hamm was too busy appearing everywhere else. Of course, I’m writing to you from the distant past of Friday, so for all I know Mr. Hamm found a spare half hour in his schedule and I have been pre-empted. Damn you, Hammmm!

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Sunday Brunch: 4/11/10

This week, I share some links to cool comic things and ramble on for far too long about Doctor Who. So, you know, an average Sunday.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What emotion-that-is-not-really-an-emotion should become a power ring next, and what color would it be?

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Sunday Brunch: 4/4/10

Brunch? Hah! The semi-new format begins here, as a full meal of links, musings,  reviews, and unwitty witticisms awaits you beneath the cut on this Easter Sunday.

QUESTION(S) OF THE WEEK: With the new Twilight graphic novel selling heavily despite being blindingly awful, it’s got me thinking: Should comics adapt prose works? Which novels would make for good comic book adaptations?

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Committed: Event Banner Envy

There’s a dilution of the bold and uncompromising design of comic books, and it is the event banner. Last year there were event banners scattered across the face of nearly every DC title, and they were a mess. Continue Reading »

3 comics, 2 companies, 1 rant

Or; Why many, many superhero comics these days make me blue. (SPOILERS ahoy, by the way.)
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Sunday Brunch: 9/27/09

Not an overabundance of links this week, just the really cool/controversial stuff. Hopefully nothing major hits on Friday, because, as I write this on Thursday, I’m about to run off to Atlantic City to start my new career as a lounge singer.*

Rather than a question of the week, I figured I would share this one-panel cartoon/PSA, written by me, drawn by my buddy Jay Stewart:

One lung says to the other lung

*Some of this sentence is untrue.

Links below.
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Free Comic Book Day Comics Review!

The definitive word on the quality of comics you can no longer obtain. I believe President Obama would call it “The Horse Is Already Out Of The Barn Comics Review”. Continue Reading »


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