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Midnight Snack: 4/22/10

It’s TV for Nerds time! Below the fold, we check in on Brave and the Bold, Doctor Who, and the season finale of Human Target.

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Sunday Brunch: 4/11/10

This week, I share some links to cool comic things and ramble on for far too long about Doctor Who. So, you know, an average Sunday.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What emotion-that-is-not-really-an-emotion should become a power ring next, and what color would it be?

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Sunday Brunch: 4/4/10

Brunch? Hah! The semi-new format begins here, as a full meal of links, musings,  reviews, and unwitty witticisms awaits you beneath the cut on this Easter Sunday.

QUESTION(S) OF THE WEEK: With the new Twilight graphic novel selling heavily despite being blindingly awful, it’s got me thinking: Should comics adapt prose works? Which novels would make for good comic book adaptations?

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Sunday Brunch: 3/28/10

Lo, it is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus invented the high five, and miracle of miracles, it’s an actual brunch-sized Sunday Brunch post! Links, news, musings, theory, and images below the fold.

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B&B TV: “The Fate of Equinox!”

Not so much time this week. Let’s be quick and do this bullet-point style!

b&b equinox

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B&B TV: “Inside the Outsiders!”

Insert LazyTown reference here.

bnb psycho

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B&B TV: “Mayhem of the Music Meister!”

At last, the musical episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold has hit American shores, and oh boy, was it worth the wait. Hit it!

b&b music

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B&B TV: “When OMAC Attacks!”

Finally, the world’s wildest animated television show is back with all-new episodes. Are you ready for the review that’s coming!?

b&b omac

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Dear Mark Waid RE: Brave, Bold Back Issues

inspired by the other great Mark in comics, I picked up a bunch of your Brave and the Bold run recently. Here are some thoughts. Continue Reading »

B&B TV: “Last Bat on Earth!”

This week: Miracles Mistered, Kamandis commanded, and Grodds clobbered! Just another Friday for ol’ Batman. Continue Reading »

I Want A Kamandi Video Game

While I’m talking about comics adapted in to video games… Continue Reading »


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