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Yesterday in Olympia

The week before is invariably an ordeal, but the Olympia Comics Festival is worth it. It has become the high point of the year for both Cartooning and Young Authors. Continue Reading »

Career Day


One of the nicest things about teaching the after-school Cartooning class is that quite a few of the kids stay in touch, and I’ve been teaching it long enough that many of those kids are adults now. (I’m still alternating between pride and mild dizziness that several have come by shows we’ve been working to introduce their spouses to “the coolest teacher ever.” Yes, and clearly, now also the oldest. But of course Julie and I love it, Julie especially– though we tease the new nerds-in-law mercilessly about having to pass inspection, the truth is that she mothers all of them.)

Other times former students come to us with problems. We don’t love that they are having difficulty, of course, but we are always moved that they ask us for help.

And not too long ago, we got one that might be of interest to the CBR readership. Moreover, I thought that maybe some of you might even have ideas on the subject as well. So here we go. Continue Reading »

Our Two-Convention Weekend

That was actually the most fun at a show– sorry, shows, plural– we’ve had in a while. Continue Reading »

Spring Exhibition!

As is traditional when the big Emerald City Con is approaching, I usually give this space over to my 6th and 7th grade Cartooning students to preview some of the pages of the comic they’ll be rolling out at the show. Continue Reading »

Our Saturday in Olympia

…and by that I naturally mean our annual class trip to the Olympia Comics Festival. Continue Reading »

Classroom Movie Day!

As the comics internet collectively sharpens its metaphorical knives on the new DC superhero redesigns released this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to point out a recent effort from that company that, to my surprise, actually turned out remarkably well. In fact, it was a hit with both me AND my middle-school Cartooning class. Continue Reading »

A Week of Author Events

Been really, REALLY busy this whole week, which is why this is going up considerably later than usual. But there were bits and pieces of sort-of-comics-related things going on throughout, with both my students and me, and I’ll tell you about those. Book signings, new publications, all kinds of things. Continue Reading »

Friday’s Commencement Speech

All you aspiring young comics-creating folks that are about to graduate from whatever school, this one’s for you. Continue Reading »

This Year’s Saturday in Olympia

Sometimes smaller is better. And when it comes to a comics show, I’m about ready to say that smaller is ALWAYS better. Continue Reading »

Sunday’s Signal Boost

When this particular news story started popping up all over the comics internet I figured we were going to go through the same old cycle of stupid.

This time is different, though. Someone’s trying to change the usual narrative. What she and her friends have done is really terrific and a welcome change from the usual back-and-forth sniping. It made me smile so much that I thought I’d talk about it here and help spread the word. Continue Reading »

My Summer on Misfit Island

Regular readers will recall that I teach writing and cartooning classes in local schools as part of an after-school arts program. The last couple of years, I’ve also taught summer school classes in the subject, and that’s been a whole different animal. Continue Reading »

This Year’s Saturday in Olympia

And when I say ‘Olympia,’ as usual, I am referring to our annual class pilgrimage to the Olympia Comics Festival. Continue Reading »

Friday’s Super Special Convention Preview!

Every year, my students and I have a table in Artist’s Alley at the Emerald City Comics Convention. Continue Reading »


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