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Trade paperbacks, older editions, and miscellaneous for January 2013

Oxford comma in the title of this post: Yay or nay? I love Oxford commas, myself, but I enjoy hearing opinions about grammatical minutiae!
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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 200: Human Target #8

Every day this year, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Human Target #8, which was published by DC/Vertigo and is cover dated May 2004. Enjoy!
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She Has No Head! – Is the Destruction of The Amazons The Destruction of Feminism in DC Comics?

I drafted Wonder Woman #7 for my CBR reviews last week not knowing what the issue was about, and it resulted in the toughest review I’ve had to write for CBR yet. To CBR’s credit, though the review skewed a bit editorial, they ran it. However, we have strict word counts over there and I have many thoughts and feelings…so here we are on She Has No Head! five days later.

I have loved and supported the new Wonder Woman under Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. I supported this book vehemently even when I did not agree with all the choices they made — like Wonder Woman being Zeus’ daughter and thus a demi-god — because I understand that writers have to do things that are unpopular sometimes in order to tell the best story. And in fact, doing something unpopular can often be the right thing to do. In addition to that, I also understand that stories are not tailor made FOR ME, and I don’t expect them to be. So I accepted the changes as many fans did and continued to read, and frankly to love, so much of what Azzarello and Chiang were doing.

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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 20: Tales of the Unexpected #7, back-up story

Every day this month, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is the back-up story from Tales of the Unexpected #7, which was published by DC and is cover dated June 2007. Yes, this is more commonly known as “Chapter Seven” of Doctor 13: Architecture & Mortality. Enjoy!
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Sunday Brunch: 7/4/10

“This will be our… Independence Day!” Join with me, fellow Americans, as we celebrate the anniversary of that movie with Will Smith and Bill Pullman! I don’t know why this country makes such a big deal about it every year, but… … Declaration of what?

So, leave it to the holiday weekend when no one’s reading for a (compared to recent weeks) double-sized Brunch filled with links to actual content, rather than just other links. Onwards!

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She Has No Head! – The 12 Comic Wishes Of Kelly’s Birthday Post…

Yep, today’s my birthday.

Kelly Thompson r1

I must have these boots IRL

You can figure out how old I am by figuring out how many columns I’ve done for She Has No Head! and then subtracting ten.  I WISH!  Yeah, no, it’s just the number of columns…no subtraction.  Man I’m old. ANYWAY…

Inspired in part by Chad Nevett’s always fun Random Thoughts and my sincere desire not to do a big serious post on my birthday…I bring you a list of 12 comics related ways in which I would like to bend the universe to my will in honor of ME.  Also, some cool shit I want people to buy for me.

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She Has No Head! – Review: Neil Young’s Greendale

Neil Young’s Greendale.  Joshua Dysart (writer).  Cliff Chiang (art).  Dave Stewart (colors).  Greendale CoverTodd Klein (letters).  Karen Berger (editor).  Vertigo.  160 pages.  Color.  Hardcover.  $19.99

I’ve mentioned my as yet unpublished novel a few times before in this column because it happened to relate cursorily to whatever I was talking about that week.  But there’s nothing cursory about how Joshua Dysart’s adaptation of Neil Young’s Greendale relates to my novel.

Fortunately (and with a huge sigh of relief) plot-wise they are in no way similar, however what Dysart has created in his adaption is exactly the type of powerful female myth, legend, and feminist modern fairy tale that I hoped to create in my own book.  When I looked to superheroes (and make no mistake, despite the lack of colorful pajamas, Sun is a superhero) I found a real lack in strong female characters set up the way Sun is set up here – as the uncontested powerful star with a history of powerful female ancestors and an epic destiny set before her.  It was a lack of truly great stories like that for women that inspired me to try it myself, and I am really excited to see one here, so beautifully executed by Young, Dysart, Chiang, and Stewart.

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