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Say It With Manga – Year 24 Group Edition


In the US, there’s been a recent surge in teen fiction – novels that are written specifically for and about a teenage audience.  Fifteen years ago, it didn’t exist, but now it’s one of the hottest-selling categories of literature.  While there are several mainstream hits, browsing the section at any bookstore will tell you that most of these titles are aimed at teenage girls.  They feature more complex emotional themes, characters that one can easily relate to, and are (debateably) only a step removed from adult literature.  And the category covers a variety of genres, as well.  A similar thing happened to manga for girls in the 1970s.  A group of female artists, who themselves grew up on the popular manga series for young girls, decided that there should be manga for a slightly older female audience as well.  The name “Year 24 Group” refers to the fact that many of the artists were born in 1949, or Showa Year 24.  A lot of the series written during this time period by these artists remains classic to this day, but criminally little of it has been translated into English.  This week, I’m going to feature 3 very different series by 3 Year 24 Group artists that are available in English.  And honestly, there’s not a whole lot more than this.

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Say It With Manga – Fringe Edition


For lack of a better term, this is the fringe edition.  All three titles for this week deal with conspiracies and new age topics.  Notably, most of these themes are western in origin, so it can be fun to take a look at a manga version of… say, out of place artifacts, or UFO conspiracy theory.  All three of these are also older titles, and most flew under the radar, so it’s worth taking a second look.

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