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Back in The (Sick) Day

Been under the weather this week, so we’ve been doing very little other than the bare minimum. Work, mostly. The coping mechanism for this has not changed in four decades… All I want to do when I get home is crawl under a quilt on the couch and read old comics. Mug of soup and toasted-cheese sandwich optional. Continue Reading »

A Week With The Perennials

It’s been the kind of bad-news week where I find myself eschewing new books, instead gravitating toward some beloved old favorites for the week’s bus reads. Comfort food.

To me the essence of comfort food reading is the pleasure of the expected. It’s the same reassuring feeling you get from seeing a favorite band play the hits. Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few of those familiar old favorites with you this week. Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Hit Parade

This is another one you can blame on my friend Mike over at Radio Vs. The Martians. Continue Reading »

Escaping This Week

In all the years I’ve been embroiled with adventure fiction and comics and pulps and so on, whether it’s just reading it or writing about it or creating my own, there’s always been a contingent of folks sneering at the stuff. One of the pejoratives they hurl, over and over, is this– “It’s just escapism.”

I never understood that, even as a kid. My response then and now is Um… yeah. I know. So what? That’s the whole POINT. Continue Reading »

Sucksgiving Day Soundtrack

Yesterday was so miserable and unpleasant I was feeling like that Joe Bftsplk guy in Li’l Abner that had the rain cloud over him all the time.

Then I remembered– it was Sucksgiving Eve. So of course it would be a crappy day. Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Power Fantasy

Even for August, a month I heartily despise anyway, this one’s been pretty spectacularly horrible. Continue Reading »

The Weekend We Died Hard

“It’s gotta be today,” I told my wife.

But it wasn’t. The mailbox was empty. I let out a growl of disappointment and Julie started to laugh. Continue Reading »

Two Rough Days (and How We Cured Them)

A while back I did a series of columns on “comfort food” entertainment. I thought I’d pretty much said my piece on it, but a couple of things cropped up that made me want to come back to it again.

Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Comfort Zone Wrapup

Finally, our conclusion.

Here’s part one, part two, and part three. I really had intended, when I first outlined this, to keep it to one or at most two columns. What can I say? Comfort food’s a staple around here lately. Between cold and flu season, and then hosting our godson Phenix for a couple of days, the old standbys have been in heavy rotation a lot.

Anyway, these are the last ones  — my go-to list of SF, fantasy, and superhero comics and books and movies that I never get tired of. Continue Reading »

Friday Curled Up by the Fireplace (Comfort Zone, part 3)

And here we are again with another list of comics, books and movies as comfy as your favorite old slippers. First we did Westerns, then contemporary action stories… this week, since we just had Halloween, it’s all about horror.
Continue Reading »

Friday Nestled Under an Old Quilt (Comfort Zone, part 2)

This idea of comfort-food fiction really seems to resonate with a lot of people.

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Saturday in the Comfort Zone

Sometimes, you don’t want something new. You want to settle in with an old favorite, whether it’s a movie or a book or a comic. Comfort food.
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