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Comic Book Gallimaufry: Pithier Than “Observations On A Variety Of Sequential Arts Periodical Readings”

I’m 27 years old. That happened recently. Also, I’ve been reading some comics. I’ll talk about that at you some after the jump, if you like. Continue Reading »

Comic Book Gallimaufry: Because Potpourri Is For The Ladies

Yeah, I’m annoyed/manic/bored, and am writing a lot again. So what? Wanna fight about it? Wanna fight about Family Guy references? Want a back rub? You are a demanding audience, if so. Continue Reading »

Comic Book Gallimaufry: Gallimauferier!

Throw some things at the wall and see what sticks! It’s time for me to jump back on the random thoughts bandwagon once again! It’s also something of a cover/solicits review, so I’m ripping off more than one gimmick* for once! Get indignant if you don’t like references to pro wrestling! Because I’m gonna make some of those, too. Hey, at least that guy that hated my Sims worship phase will probably not be so cranky! Continue Reading »

Comic Book Gallimaufry

Ripping off Nevett for the name of my semi-regular collection of scatter shot thoughts on comics is more played than a footnote with a link to Chris Sims. I’m gonna start ripping off everyone’s favorite defunct sports writing metacriticism sites instead. That should go over well! Continue Reading »


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